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Product Spotlight: NovaLash American Volume Lashes

by MODERN Staff | December 2, 2018 | NovaLash, Inc. | Cosmetics

Kelley Delmonico has been a certified NovaLash lash artist for five years and American Volume certified for three years. She says 90% of her clients get NovaLash American Volume lashes.

“What I love most about American Volume is how versatile the end result can be,” says Kelley. “You can finish with the mega volume look; do a piece-y, textured look or a very natural look--based on length, diameter of the extensions and placement.

“My tip for a textured look is to mix up the diameter of extensions being used and also mix up how wide or how narrow the fans are spread apart,” Kelley adds. “When I am doing an application like the one shown here, I make my .07 (extension diameter) fans wider. Adjacent to that, I create a .05 fan with more extensions, but I don't fan it quite as wide. I check symmetry and placement multiple times throughout the service to ensure I am getting the look I want.”

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