hairtalk®’s suite of offerings just became even more tailored to expand your artistry and align with your clients’ lifestyle. Introducing the new Pro Tape-In Extensions by hairtalk.

When Hairtalk launched its Classic tape-in extensions, the brand quickly became known for its quality of hair, professional education, long-lasting wear and fast applications with natural-looking results. Then Hairtalk introduced its patented Plus band, designed to simulate hair growing directly from the scalp. Although priced higher than Classic tape-ins, Plus extensions mimic the hair’s natural root and conceal the adhesive band making them ideal for application in visible areas close to the hairline or near the top of the head. A perfect hybrid between the Classic and Plus band, this premium tape-in option is an upgrade from the traditional Classic band, and is being offered at a within-reach cost.

Featuring an adhesive band that is less than half the length of a Classic tape-in extension—meaning the visibility of the tape on the outside of the extension strand is minimized—Pro features the same long-lasting six-to-eight week wear time that Hairtalk is known for. It can also be re-applied up to three additional times for a total of eight-to-ten months of wear. 


Hairtalk’s Pro tape-ins are offered in 20 and 12 band packs and in four lengths—13-inch, 17-inch, 21-inch and 25-inch. Pro is available in nearly all color shades including Naturals, Blondes, Silvers, Reds and Colormelts, remaining compatible with the current color ring of swatches. An added bonus, the Pro collection is debuting the 25-inch length option in Colormelts, a first for Hairtalk. 

As with all of Hairtalk’s tape-in options, Pro tape-ins deliver a water-tight seal between two hypoallergenic adhesive bands that lay flat against the head, and are available in two widths: Original (1.6”) and Petite (1.1”). Additionally, Pro can be paired with any of Hairtalk’s other band styles (Pro with Pro, Pro with Classic, Pro with Plus) without additional bulk.


“Traditionally, stylists reach for our Classic tape-in bands in the Original width for full-head coverage, and are more selective with when they use Plus because clients don’t want to spend more than they need to unless it’s in a visible area,” says Esther Schoonover, Brand Director for Hairtalk extensions. “The Pro band is the latest evolution of our tape-in extension offerings, allowing for the attachment site to be more concealed than a Classic—so you achieve transformative results with a hidden blend that doesn’t break the bank.”

Learn more about all three of Hairtalk’s tape-in extensions band styles and widths by visiting hairtalkusa.com.

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