“As nail professionals, we are constantly servicing others. It’s time to service ourselves.” --Dana Cecil, founder of the NAILFIX

Dana Cecil (@dana_nailjunkie) says nail art was part of her life from  a very young age.

"I started collecting nail polish around the age of 7 when my grandma let me buy a little box of about five colors from a garage sale. It soon turned into a collection of press on nails, that I begged my mom for from the store, and customized with my original ideas."

She has been collecting nail art supplies ever since. Now Cecil, a licensed nail professional and a finalist in NAILS Next Top Nail Artist in both Season 4 and Season 5, is helping others indulge their love for new products and nail toys with the launch of her subscription box, NAILFIX


"I was prompted to put together a box for nail artists after a chat with a friend whose box I subscribe to, which is not nail-related," she explains. "I had reached out to her to see if she’d like to include my cuticle oils in one of her future boxes. In January of 2021, my husband and I delivered 18,000  bottles of cuticle oil to her warehouse.  She gave me a lot of great ideas, and after a few weeks, I had figured out what I wanted to do with my business. I simply asked myself, 'What would you want in a box every month as a nail professional?'"

The answer, Cecil says, is something fun, something that will benefit her work and her home life.  "What nail artist wouldn’t want a cute box of the most fun, and new nail products every month, PLUS get other items to make them smile, and spend much needed time spoiling themselves?!"


"While NAILFIX is geared towards the nail professional, I didn’t want to limit the people it could reach.  Nail professionals will benefit greatly, but so will nail enthusiasts just finding their passion for nail art.  Hopefully NAILFIX will serve as a catalyst for those looking to grow their nail art passions!"--Dana Cecil


Cecil has heard from her subscribers who say they are looking for exciting products that they can offer to their clients, and enthusiasts are looking for the same to practice new techniques.  

With the NAILFIX subscription, you will get a monthly delivery that includes the Cuticle Oil of the Month, 3-4 nail products, and 1-2 items that will make you smile, that aren't necessarily nail products. Previous boxes have included full size bottles of Crystal Dust, gel glues, decals, special nail tools, nail gel brushes, crystal necklaces, crystal cuff bracelet, and more.

The box is $25 a month +$5 shipping

Subscribe to NAILFIX here.




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Originally posted on NAILS Magazine