Industry influencer Shelley Gregory (@shelleygregoryhair) loves taking her cordless Dyson Corrale straightener far beyond the smooth and narrow. In recent demos, Gregory shares fave ways to make waves with the versatile tool—the latest Dyson appliance pros are pining over.

Pro tip: Use your Corrale for curls that last for days," she writes, explaining the popular straightener is definitely not just for smoothing. "Get a tool that can do both," Gregory advises. More vibes from Gregory on Corrale:

  • Copper flexing plates make it safe and easy to hold the hair with even control 
  • Flexing plates also ensure less damage and no denting in curls 
  • Cordless innovation is a game changer

Gregory uses a cool clip technique to lock in ultra-modern waves. She also likes to mix it up, creating a style combo cascade of C waves and S waves.  "Mixing up the technique on every other piece gives the wave a soft look," Gregory explains.

She prefers front pieces to wave "away" from the face and uses the Corrale to build height in the crown.

Two more Gregory pro tips:

  1. For the S-wave, feed the section through the iron while it’s clamping horizontally. Form an S-shape and move down the length of hair with Corrale.
  2. For the C-wave, "pretend you are scooping out a C shape, going diagonally back and forth down the hair with Corrale."  

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