Blinks N 'Brows Helps Women With Hair Loss
Blinks N 'Brows Helps Women With Hair Loss

Blinks n 'Brows was founded on a mission to create beauty products that give all women confidence.

Therese O'Leary, the founder, witnessed her sister go through chemotherapy and saw how hair loss can affect a woman’s confidence and identity. Seeing the challenge her sister encountered trying to create an eyebrow, O’Leary decided to solve this problem by designing her own product — ID Brows. It’s a two-step brow technique that gives you perfect brows.

ID Brows is a complete eyebrow kit that creates brows for those who are living with hair loss due to illness or age, shapes for those who have thin, pale or unruly brows, and defines for those who want to enhance their natural brows.

In your ID Brow kit you'll receive:

  • A unique eyebrow tool.
  • A duo waterproof mineral-based eyebrow powder.
  • Two brushes for application and precision.

Using your ID Brow Kit

Pick the shape on the template, line up the arch of the template with the arch of your brow, mix the two colors on your brow powder with the brush, then brush back and forth to create your brow in seconds.

Your ID Brow powder can be used as an eyeshadow and your ID Brow tool can be used as a guide to apply eyeliner, too.

“As it’s our mission to create beauty products to help women feel beautiful and confident, it was only natural that we collaborated with ‘The Look Good Feel Better’ charity in Ireland and in the U.S. whereby we donate 5% of our profits at the end of the year,” O’Leary says.

To Get your ID, just visit to purchase your ID Brow kit and to view a quick demonstration. The kit retails for $39.99; use code lookgood10 to receive a 10% discount and free shipping in the U.S.

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