Chuck Hezekiah applies a scalp treatment

Chuck Hezekiah applies a scalp treatment 

Scalp health is important for strong, healthy hair, and René Furterer knows this from its more than 50 years of expertise in the field. 

If you're interested in offering scalp treatments to your clients but aren't sure where to start, René Furterer’s Education Manager for Retail and Salon Chuck Hezekiah provides some tips below. 

“I have a few simple tips for understanding and recommending scalp treatments. I find when stylists are first introduced to the concept of scalp treatments, it seems like unchartered territory, which can be intimidating. But, scalp treatments are easy. René Furterer developed the concept in 1957 and was the first to make the connection that beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp. The steps are easy as 1-2-3 and will provide hair strength and beauty.

  1. Apply to the scalp
  2. Massage in
  3. Rinse and shampoo

When explaining it to a client, it’s best to break it down by providing them with the 3 easy steps, so they aren’t intimidated as well. Getting the client to commit to an at-home care regimen is key to maintaining a healthy scalp! For in-salon scalp treatments it can be incorporated at any level and can be an express add-on.

  • Apply at the bowl, massage into the scalp for 1-3 minutes, rinse and shampoo.
  • It would be like recommending a conditioning treatment to a client with dry, damaged hair.

Or it can be a menu item, such as:

  • Detoxifying scalp treatment for buildup, thinning hair, dry or oily dandruff or an overproduction of sebum.
  • Balancing and calming scalp treatment for an irritated, sensitive or itchy scalp.

Lastly, for salons that offer color, we recommend avoiding scalp treatments for 48 hours before and after a color service. That week the client would skip the scalp treatment, but recommending hair care after a service is normal business.

Scalp treatments and at-home care are suitable for everyone and anyone — it’s the perfect solution to reveal naturally beautiful hair from roots to ends.”

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