It's spooky season and Crazy Color’s Color Squad got busy with some Halloween hair inspo that allows your client to flex all over Halloween.

Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color
Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color

Blood Red by Mikey Ferrer Jr, @mikeyferrerjr  

Formula One: Ruby Rouge 

Formula Two: Ruby Rouge with 4 dots of Black

Step 1: Lighten roots to level 8 to create an intentional ‘hot root’. You’ll also want to lighten those ends to level 8.

Step 2: Apply Formula One on the roots, and about two inches down, blend into Formula Two and bring it down all the way through the mids lengths.

Step 3: Blend Formula One into the mids lengths and down to the ends.

Step 4: Rinse with cool water and apply ANTI Bleed Spray and gently comb through. I always leave this in the hair as it’s a great leave-in treatment. 

Step 5: Blow-dry and style with a 1inch wand. 

Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color
Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color

Halloween-Lights by Bianca Stout, @hairbybiancarose

Base Formula: Hot Purple and Cyclamen in equal parts and a dot of Natural Black

Mids and Ends Formula: Ribbons of Natural Black, Coral Red + Orange, Hot Purple and Emerald Green

Step 1: Apply your base color. 

Step 2: Melt your individual colors into the base color. 

Step 3: Work in a pattern, so two slices of individual color, I used Hot Purple and Emerald Green, then separate by four slices of main color, I used Orange. 

Step 4: Finish it off by focusing the black formula in the back quadrants. 

Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color
Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color

Pumpkin Patch by Jessica Phillips, @jessicaphillips_hair 

Formula One: Anarchy UV, Coral Red and Orange 

Formula Two: Caution UV 

Step 1: I started with a Level 4, natural brown base. I prelightened to my desired level using the Crazy Color High Lift Bleaching Kit. 

Step 2: Focus the application Formula One at the root and towards the mid section so you can bleed into Formula Two. 

Step 3: Use less Formula One around the face frame and bleed Formula Two much higher up to create a sweeping color effect around the head. 

Step 4 Wash, dry and style as desired. 

Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color
Spooky Good Halloween Hair Color

Peek-A-Boo by Kel Tanner, @kellitanner 

Step 1: To start, take slanting back triangular blocks from back of the ear to bottom of occipital, and triangular blocks on either side from low recession to behind the ear.  

Step 2: Balayage each block with sweeping V’s and W’s (make sure you lift to at least a level 9)

Step 3: Everything else that’s left outside the blocks, darken with a Demi permanent glaze (here I used a 3A)

Step 4: Wash, then tone the balayage to neutralize unwanted warmth and power dry the hair. 

Step 5: Using Cyclamen, Sapphire, Peacock Blue, and a mixture of Hot purple and a few POWER Pigment Drops in Pink,  alternate sections of only Sapphire, then Peacock Blue blended into Sapphire, Cyclamen into Hot Purple, and repeat.  

Step 6: When styled the blocks live internally to the base color we did, making maintenance easier because the highlights live inside of the part lines and hairline.  






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