Blonding expert and Artist Connective member Kristen O'Donnell—@kristen_o_beauty—recently shared a tip on her Instagram page about how to foil a money piece on a client with a widow's peak.


The key is to work on an angle, following the natural hairline, and mirroring the placement on each side of the part.

Here's what O'Donnell had to say about foiling a money piece with a widow's peak:

"My main tip is that all hairlines are different, so it’s important to customize the foiling application to each specific client. The hairline kind of acts like a map and you just have to follow it! Hairline details are highly requested because most people like to have highlights right near their face to add brightness. Also, it makes a huge difference for your ponytail game. It’s something i always bring up in a consultation because some people like a bold blonde hairline and some like a subtle blended hairline."


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