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Imagine getting everything you love from a liquid demi color line—but in a cleaner, sustainable, all-natural vegan formula that is safe, efficient to use, and guarantees long-lasting color. Now, thanks to creative innovation and a patented salon formula, you can stop imagining and start experiencing—just in time for seasonal Fall and Winter color transitions.

Alfaparf Milano, the leading Italian hair color and care company with more than 40 years of salon industry experience in innovation, excellence and mastery of products, education and artistry, has designed Color Wear Gloss Toner, a liquid demi-permanent color to give stylists and their clients everything they want for the perfect blonding experience.

"Every colorist I know has had their hands on a liquid demi in some way, shape or form," says Artistic Director Cassie Siskovic (@cassiskovic). "There are so many benefits to a liquid demi—easy to apply, wash and process—but some challenges, too. When using other liquid demis, the hair sometimes doesn't feel as great, or we don't see the longevity we want from the toner, but that's not the case with Color Wear Gloss Toner."

Alfaparf has solved those problems, Siskovic says.

"The fact that the number one professional Italian hair color company in the world has launched a clean and innovative liquid demi is amazing. Not only does Color Wear Gloss Toner offer the best technology, it also offers stylists the very best toning experience. And by 'experience,' I mean what it's like for us as artists to use and apply the product at the shampoo bowl. It's one of the healthiest options for the hair I've ever used or experienced. You have to get your hands on it."

It's Time to Upgrade Your Liquid Demi Experience

From balayage to shadow roots, whether flash toning at the bowl or behind the chair, Color Wear Gloss Toner is the clean innovation to simplify lightening hair, illuminate clients' faces and brighten everyone's smiles.

"There is beautiful variety in Color Wear Gloss Toner shades," Siskovic says. "There are beautiful blonde tones to choose from, with balanced beiges and warm tones, and also great ash tones to control warmth. And with all of these Color Wear Gloss Toner shades, you are getting tone and not depth. So, Color Wear Gloss Toner is stress-free. There is no anxiety or concern about over-processing. You are getting tone in as little as 5 minutes all the way through 20 minutes, transparently, with no worries."

For stylists who want to add some depth, Siskovic says the Color Wear Gloss Toner liquid demi works well with Alfaparf Milano's cream demi-permanent or permanent lines, too. She often melts a Color Wear Gloss Toner formula with a partial base application of Alfaparf Milano's Evolution of the Color permanent color, strategically toning the fringe to create a stunning, on-trend shadow effect. "It's a great opportunity to maintain brightness and give the look a pop," she says.

Protect and Grow Your Color Business and Profits

The new liquid demi line can help salons and stylists build business, too.

"One of the most common reasons a guest might go to another salon is that we don't offer change," Siskovic adds, explaining that Color Wear Gloss Toner options make it easier to offer transitions and to create a new effect or tone efficiently, beautifully and affordably, too.

Because of its advanced technology and performance, Color Wear Gloss Toner is designed purposefully to be the lowest price-per-application in the market, ensuring it is simply more profitable than other color options.

Results are beautifully satisfying and it’s perfect for all stylists, especially if you’re a savvy, cost-conscious salon owner and independent stylist. The 1:2 mixing ratio will allow you to pocket the extra income or pass along the savings to your clients—your choice.

"Our product is mixed with a 1:2 mixing ratio—one part of Color Wear Gloss Toner shades to two parts of our liquid activator," Siskovic says, which also improves the experience. "It's super easy to apply and the cost of the application is less. We are saving money."

Colorist to Colorist: Transparent Results!

#AlfaparfUSA Technical Director Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers (@watchmyhairbounce) echoes Siskovic in saying #ColorWearGlossToner is a total game changer, with patented technology and its gentle, naturally derived alkalizing agent—Arginine. Plus, they both say color pros love the vegan formula of the new liquid demi Color Wear Gloss Toner, as well as the fact it is super-clean and totally free from harsh, harmful ingredients and contains:

  • NO MEA
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Ammonia 
  • NO Silicones
  • NO Resorcinol

"Up your toning game, respect the hair fiber, and give your clients the longevity you’ve been longing for from a liquid demi," Walker-Rodgers and Siskovic encourage fellow colorists. Check out more of their beautiful Color Wear Gloss Toner transformations here and on their Instagram pages:


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Game-Changing Technology and Benefits

Here are a few more of the need-to-know details colorists will want to consider in weighing an upgrade to their demi toning experience:

  • To ensure perfect tone-on-tone blonding, Color Wear Gloss Toner infuses reparative bond-building action into every shade in the line.
  • There are 21 exclusive, nuanced shade options, plus Clear, in the portfolio.
  • The new technology boosts a conditioning agent that works by binding to the keratin in the hair for softer, smoother hair.
  • Color Wear Gloss Toner is ideally used on damp hair at the shampoo bowl. The moisture helps with ease of application and product absorption, especially on curly hair.

How does the new technology work? Enriched with an active ingredient made from apple cider vinegar that has restructuring properties, in the formula, Color Wear Gloss Toner:

  • Repairs and restructures the hair fiber after chemical processes or thermal stress
  • Improves combability and fights static
  • Reduces pH and closes cuticles to increase shine

What Color Pros Love Most

As Color Wear Gloss Toner has been tested by top colorists and rolled out to salons and independent stylists across the country, the feedback across the community has been incredibly positive:

  • "The hair feels so much softer and the shine is impeccable! It's amazing and I'm so glad I have it."—Bethany Wright (@blendsby_bethany), Illinois stylist
  • "What's not to LOVE? Shine, softness, and it tones. Love it all."–Roberta Nespole (@robertashair), California stylist
  • "Amazing coverage and a little Color Wear Gloss Toner goes a long way. Hair is shiny and I love how the color is clearer for the tone."—Heather Byerly (@hbhair_502), Kentucky stylist
  • "Loveeeeee the new Color Wear Gloss Toner so much. It’s an instant fix for dull, discolored hair. It also provides shine-enhancing benefits for healthy, beautiful hair. Absolutely the best gloss toner!"—John Nguyen (@john.n115), Alfaparf Milano Colorist of the Year finalist.

Professionals agree they they love how fast, easy and reliable the liquid demi line is to work with, and that they appreciate how they can count on perfect toning results across all their bleaching and lightening services.

"It is easier and faster and more affordable to achieve truly multi-dimensional color that leaves hair shiny, soft and easy to comb through," many stylists say. Others note how much they love the clean, vegan approach of the line and that their guests mention they like the product's uniquely pleasant, fruity fragrance, too.

More unique characteristics of the Color Wear Gloss Toner experience? The "sudsing effect," highly and easily visible processing results and gentle alkalizing.

"There is a nice lathering that I appreciate with the formula, that reactivates with water," Siskovic explains. "Also, with other liquid toners, it is usually hard to see through the hair and can be stressful to have to piece through to see if the color is over-toning. That's not the case with Color Wear Gloss Toner. I can truly see what is going on."

Finally, one of the things both Siskovic and Walker-Rodgers and the colorists they have heard from really value about Color Wear Gloss Toner is the extremely gentle processing, and they attribute that to the exclusive and natural Arginine alkalizing agent.

"When it comes to the integrity of the hair and my clients' hair feeling really good after the process, Color Wear Gloss Toner really delivers results," they conclude.

Ready to learn more? Follow @alfaparfUSA and go to https://alfaparfusapro.com/pages/color-wear-gloss-toner for more details and to find the store, distributor and all purchase options available in your area now. 

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