A Scholarship Success Story
A Scholarship Success Story

In late 2019, Lexie Pitts of Debutantes School of Cosmetology and Nail Technology in DeKalb, Illinois was the first runner-up in the Rosy Rewards scholarship program. The winnings were sent directly to her school to help offset the cost of her tuition or other school expenses. Little did Lexie know at the time how this first win would lead to another, and help take her career in a new and exciting direction. We catch up with Lexie for a little Q&A about her growth.

SALON TODAY: What are you up to now?

Pitts: I am now a licensed cosmetologist and am currently a student in the educator’s program for cosmetology. I plan to be a licensed educator this summer and I am so excited.

ST: Since beauty school, what is your greatest accomplishment or realization?

Pitts: I realized that I can be all of who I want to be - no title will define my future. I have realized in order to be the best version of myself, I have to be selfish sometimes. My dreams will only work if I do so I can’t and will not stop. My biggest accomplishment has been setting the bar higher for myself. I am now able to define who I am and who I want to be.

ST: What are you looking forward to in the future?

Pitts: I am looking forward to becoming an educator, as I want to inspire the success of students who dream to become confident in their skills. I want to show students that their dreams can become a reality if they believe in themselves.

ST: How did your scholarship make a difference while you were in school and after?

Pitts: It lead me on a path to receive another scholarship for the instructor program. My scholarship allowed me to finish school, get my transcripts and begin my career. I was in a hard place in school, working low wages, just trying to maintain. Receiving the Rosy (scholarship) gave me the freedom to start my career without a financial burden. I could not have been more grateful for them believing in me.  

ST: What are your words of advice for future professionals looking to succeed in this industry?

Pitts: Ask for help. The world is full of opportunities and sometimes those opportunities aren’t always obvious.

My advice would also be to focus. There will always be events and hardships that may take you off your path, but you have to focus. Focus on your goal, focus on your dreams. No one is going to be successful for you, you have to do it yourself.  If you focus on your success, you will realize there will never be a finish line. Success will be everlasting as long as you focus.

Know a first-time beauty, barber, or esthetics student who could use a leg-up? Let them know to enter the Rosy Rewards scholarship.



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Originally posted on Salon Today