Slick Gorilla, a men's premium hair brand established in 2016, is inspired from the underground streets of the UK—individuality worn with confidence. Barber ambassador Robert Weston @_robweston from Borisandco in the UK details his look: 


This style was created by using block graduation around the recession of the hairline into the parietal ridge to create a solid square foundation. From the frontal plane of view, soften with a natural layer around the crown following the shape of the head. The top has been cut using a rounded shape at the back into a triangular shape towards the apex of the hairline. Point cut to create texture. 

The sides have been faded using the descending method and freehand work, followed by blow drying, Slick Gorilla Salt Spray and lightwork into the hair when wet to create a dense but styled look and finally, Slick Gorilla styling powder to bring out the texture in the hair. 

Barber Ambassador Robert Narcis @robertmachine__ of Crush Barber Shop, Nails and Tattoos in Madrid, Spain shares two styles. 


Start at the top creating a square shape, move to the fringe zone and elevate in vertical sections (45 degrees) for versatility. Connect to the sides then we finish with the skin taper. Style with Slick Gorilla Volume Powder directly to hair, finish with clay pomade for matte texture.


Evoking American Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, the bleached blonde hair is cut by starting at the top creating a crop structure, disconnecting the crown and leaving length in back. Razor cut for texture. Finish the sides with a mid-high skin fade. Blow dry with a diffuser to get movement and finish with Slick Gorilla Volume Powder. 

Photos courtesy Slick Gorilla

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