-  Photos: L'Anza

Photos: L'Anza

In 2021, family-owned and independently operated company L’ANZA Healing Hair Color & Care awarded $23,000 in scholarships to six women pursuing their cosmetology dreams around the country. One year later, L’ANZA caught up with them for a Q&A about their growth and future aspirations in the professional beauty industry.

Grand Prize Winner: Solmarie Sena

L’ANZA: Did you graduate cosmetology school?

Sena: I have not yet graduated; however, I am projected to graduate in October 2022, which is so exciting!

L’ANZA: What have you been doing since you graduated or what are you planning to do?

Sena: When I do graduate, I plan to work in a salon with other artists where I look forward to growing my knowledge, experience, and clientele. Of course, reaching out to L'ANZA to inquire about joining the Healing Artist Network is first on my list!

L’ANZA: What did the L’ANZA Scholarship mean to you?

Sena: This scholarship means so much to me! It provided me with the financial opportunity to continue my cosmetology journey and become the beauty professional I knew I needed to be. Without this help, I would not have been able to afford to do so. It also gifted me with the opportunity to be part of a team with a great mission and provided me with so much education and haircare knowledge.

L’ANZA: Where do you see your career in five years?

Sena: In five years, I hope to be in a position where I can teach others the knowledge I have obtained. I see myself moving into my own salon space, growing my social presence, and giving back to students who may need the help I once did. I hope that one day I can become a part of the L'ANZA team by sharing my story and growing within the network.

Runners Up: Brielle Hopkins and Lily Thao

L’ANZA: What have you been doing since you graduated or what are you planning to do?

Hopkins: I've already started my own business and plan on becoming a L’ANZA Color Specialist.

L’ANZA: What did the L’ANZA Scholarship mean to you?

Hopkins: The L’ANZA Scholarship was so amazing; it doesn't feel real. I was able to pay off student debt and start my own business at a rental salon.

Thao: The L’ANZA Scholarship meant chasing my dreams to me. It gave me the opportunity to start the rest of my life by doing what I love most, my true passion, hair!

L’ANZA: What/who inspires you?

Hopkins: I wanted people to feel as beautiful as I saw them. The person who inspired me the most was my mentor, Cindy Prellwitz, she owns the Northern Style & Co, where I work. She is always going beyond helping others but is also an amazing hair color and makeup specialist.

Thao: My family pushes me to do my best. However, for hair, I have to say that Leah Freeman is a huge inspiration in my life.

L’ANZA: Where do you see your career in five years?

Hopkins: In five years, I would like to continue to own my own business, be more time efficient, have more knowledge and skills, help future stylists grow, and teach updo classes. I cannot wait to see what the future brings!

Thao: I want to educate others how to do hair and have my own salon. I can’t wait to teach others the skills I learn.

Honorable Mentions: Justine BohallDestini French, and Leah Forsblom

L’ANZA: What did the L’ANZA Scholarship mean to you?

Bohall: The scholarship meant so much to me, I was working full time while going to school and paying for it all on my own. I got one loan, but I was still making monthly payments of up to $500 for some months. So, the scholarship paid for the last two months of my payments which was awesome because I was getting worried about being able to pay them and if they were not paid then I could not graduate on time!

French: The scholarship expanded my horizons and showed me what other career choices are available for me. It also meant that someone else sees my potential and believes and supports me!

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