Stylist, Educator, and Founder of Kolour Kulture Keya Neal (@keyaartistically) is hosting the fourth annual Texture VS Race Summit on November 27-29 in Baltimore, MD. Kolour Kulture and the annual TVR Summit aim to tackle the salon industry's long-standing textural discrimination and favoritism towards straight hair through hands-on education and anti-racism coaching.

Keya Neal, Founder of Kolour Kulture

Keya Neal, Founder of Kolour Kulture

Each year, hopeful stylists graduate from beauty school with a standardized education that leaves them wholly unprepared and undereducated to serve a rapidly diversifying clientele. Kolour Kulture’s goal is to update that curriculum.

Join Kolour Kulture for their signature event, where you will learn how to identify and work with hair as a fabric by understanding its unique properties. They’ll also address the elephant in the room, race, by exploring the history of texture discrimination and the cultural significance of natural hair.

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