-  Photo: Arey

Photo: Arey

Arey is a science-focused haircare line that offers products to help prevent grey hair, and treat the common signs of aging hair. The company has concentrated its research on why our hair turns grey, and what can be done to prevent it.

The brand was co-founded by entrepreneur Allison Conrad and her hairstylist Jay Small — a 20-year veteran of the hair industry who has worked with thousands of clients while also educating hairstylists and developing products.

When Conrad started to experience her first grey hairs she asked Small what to do, and both were frustrated that the only option was hair color.

“Hair color has always been a large part of my service offering but when it came to grey coverage, not all of my clients can or want to commit to the frequency at which hair color needs to be applied to grey regrowth,” said Small. 

The two set out to do some research and discovered that going grey is attributed 30% to genetics, leaving 70% within our control; meaning, Conrad and Small determined in their research and concluded that diet, lifestyle, and exposure to oxidative stress are the main reasons why our hair loses pigment.


Photo: Arey Founders Jay Small and Allison Conrad

The studies they reviewed also showed the two that 74% of people will have grey hair between the ages of 45-65, and it will affect many people. Armed with this exciting knowledge, Conrad and Small set out to form a team of medical professionals and chemical engineers to help formulate Arey’s first products. 

Not Today, Grey

Arey’s ‘System’, a combination daily supplement and topical serum, takes an inside-out, outside-in approach to treating aging hair.  According to Conrad and Small, ‘Not Today, Grey’ , their proprietary supplement, offers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that work to supply the body with the ingredients to preserve hair color and hair growth.

‘To The Root’ is the company's patent-pending serum that works topically to target areas that are grey or showing signs of aging. Combining antioxidants and a clinically effective peptide, this oil-free serum supplies essential amino acids to the hair follicle. The Arey System is formulated to prevent grey hair; the team at Arey report that it has also shown repigmentation on users that have 30% or less grey hair. 

  • Along with the System, Arey also has a gentle cleansing shampoo ‘Wash’ that delivers the patent-pending Arey formulation with every application.
  • ‘Smooth’ is the lightweight conditioner that works to first hydrate and swell the hair strand, then fills any gaps in the cuticle to leave hair feeling balanced.
  • ‘Live In Mist’ is a UV protecting leave-in conditioner, designed to detangle wet hair or restyle dry hair. Formulated with raspberry seed oil, Live In Mist offers natural protection from UVA / UVB rays, which are the most common oxidative stressors. 

As a stylist, Small was often asked the question of what to do when someone saw their first grey hair. “Often I would talk people out of starting hair color too soon, making sure to advise on the long term commitment of using hair color to cover grey hair,” he said.  

Arey Professional serves as a resource to educate clients and hairstylists about how to take better care of their aging hair. “Haircare has been reactive for much of my career, and Arey is the first proactive solution I have been able to offer to my clients,” added Small.

Arey Professional offers an affiliate program that creates a link between client and stylist with a generous 20% commission on all sales and offers them the tools to provide clients with a proactive, safe solution when they see their first greys.

Learn More at www.areygrey.com

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