As we near the end of the year and prepare for the holidays, you may not have much time to be concerned about what the trends of the beauty world will be next year. Luckily, Pinterest seems to have us covered on that front. Each year, the team at Pinterest predicts what will trend the following year with 80% accuracy on average based on rigorous analysis of previous data.

“People use Pinterest to plan for the future,” the Pinterest Predicts microsite says. “This isn’t another year-end trend report. This is a not-yet-trending report—a window into the future, from the place where people go to plan it.” Here are Pinterest's predictions for what will take the beauty industry by storm in 2023.

Crown Care

We all want healthy hair for ourselves and our clients. But in order to have that healthy hair growth, we first need to take adequate care of the place from which the hair grows—the scalp. “’Skinification,’ or a focus on the scalp and crown of your hair, will come into focus this year,” says Pinterest. “People are looking for extra care for the scalp, like ‘scalp treatment’ and ‘clean scalp’ ideas.”

Be ready when your clients ask about scalp health. To take advantage of this trend prediction, consider carrying a scalp-focused treatment or line of products in your salon. Not only will it boost your revenue, but recommending products specific to your clients’ issues will increase their trust in you. Creating a healthy environment for hair growth seems to be on people’s minds more than ever, and we may be better off for it.

Gemini Hair

Hair that is dyed two different colors has been lovingly coined “Gemini hair” for the duality of the astrological sign’s twins. We see this split-dye trend pop up here and there, and Pinterest believes that in 2023, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this look: “In 2023, two-toned tresses will take off more than ever. People are behind this rising trend in hair color that mixes natural hues with bright purples, blues, and pinks.”

Micro Makeover

This up-and-coming trend was the most interesting beauty prediction to us. Pinterest believes that 2023 will be the year of taking our hair and nails short. “People will trade in their long, coffin-shaped nails for short french manis,” Pinterest explains. “They’ll opt for short braids and chopped bangs instead of long, luscious locks.” If this means an abundance of adorable pixies, bobs and lobs, we’re on board.

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