Gemini Season: The Air Element 

Was this month filled with good vibes? If so, it might be thanks to the alignment of the planets and to Gemini Season. 

Our Cosmos Decoder, Yara de la Torre, is leading us through the different astrological seasons, offering a reading and interpretation on specific celestial events,  "mercurial energies" and how she sees them manifesting in our lives. 

As part of the Cosmos Update series, de la Torre shares this look at Gemini Season, a specific period of time in astrology when the sun is positioned in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Astrologically, Gemini season is a time when the collective energy may be more focused on exchanging ideas, learning new things, and connecting with others: 

New Moon Workshops

If you're interested in diving deeper into astrology and its potential impact on personal growth and self-understanding, de la Torre offers New Moon Workshops where she discusses the energy and potential associated with the lunar cycles.

Because new moons are often seen as a time of new beginnings and setting intentions, these workshops guide participants in  practices aimed at aligning with the specific energy of each new moon. As she describes them, they include a deeper dive into the astrology transits, an energy reading, a meditation and an activity that will help you easily manifest and set intentions.

To work with this energy and make the most out of this new moon and every lunation, contact Yara de la Torre here. 


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