Before and after the 15-minute KCEXPRESS treatment from Keratin Complex

You love doing hair and you love your clients, so what’s another 12-hour day six days in a row? Sigh. But what if there was a super quick add-on service that not only boosted your income SUBSTANTIALLY so you could work fewer hours, but also truly maintained and transformed every client’s hair color and texture? Sound too good to be true? Believe it, says DeAndra Giselle of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. “The Keratin Complex KCEXPRESS Service has been a game changer for my business,” she declares. “It has increased my revenue and at the same time, my clients get the benefit of locked-in color plus healthy, shiny hair.  Every hairstylist, no matter what their specialty, should be offering this service!”

Less time in the salon but more money in your bank account? Do the KCEXPRESS math!

Thanks to the KCEXPRESS Service, DeAndra now works just three days a week (and never on weekends) and earns more than when she worked five days a week, 12 hours a day. Plus her clients are over the moon with the quality of their hair and hair color. So what’s the story? Let’s take a look.


KCEXPRESS is a super-fast keratin color sealing service that banishes frizz and leaves hair smooth and manageable. It’s done after a color service, takes just 15 minutes and can add as much as $75 to the overall service charge. It can also be offered as a one-hour stand-alone service, depending on the length and density of the client’s hair. “There isn’t a single client or hair type that can’t benefit from a KCEXPRESS service,” says DeAndra. My clients are diverse—straight to curly and everything in between—and I recommend this treatment to every one of them. I even suggest it to my clients with extensions to protect their hair from heat styling damage.”

“Every color client in my chair gets a KCEXPRESS treatment,” says DeAndra Giselle, “and it has been a game changer for my business.”


Here’s how it works. “If I’m doing a color service, for example,” says DeAndra, “I first complete the color service 100 percent, and that includes toning. Then I shampoo the hair with any Keratin Complex Shampoo, rinse completely and then lightly shampoo with the KC PRIMER. I do not condition the hair. Next, I apply the KCEXPRESS formula onto towel dried hair and blow dry until it’s completely dry. Finally, I polish the hair with a flat iron to lock in and activate the treatment.”

The most critical aspect of the service, says DeAndra is the consultation. “I believe a thorough consultation is what has made me successful with this service,” she notes. “Most clients have heard about keratin and keratin treatments but are often misinformed about the benefits and about what these services actually do. So I educate them on what keratin is, why their hair needs it, and how KCEXPRESS will benefit them based on their specific needs. Once they understand, they’re in. That’s why I feel the consultation is key!”


Keratin is part of the natural structure of healthy hair. It’s essential for hair strength and health. It also forms a protective shield around hair that helps prevent damage. But over time, due to factors like heat styling, chemical services, dry or humid weather, aging, and other extreme conditions, keratin can become depleted. This leads to dry, brittle, frizzy, and dull hair. Keratin Complex has developed a restorative ingredient called Signature Keratin that can repair and strengthen the bonds of the hair. It’s found in all of the company’s products. In treatments like KCEXPRESS, you first prep your client’s hair, apply the keratin treatment, and then seal it in with heat. A Keratin Complex smoothing treatment can give your client the benefit of soft, silky, shiny, and smooth hair that lasts from six weeks up to five months, depending on the treatment used. A keratin treatment can eliminate frizz, protect the hair from humidity, strengthen the hair shaft, reduce texture, lock-in color services, add shine, and increase styling manageability. Once you share this simple explanation on the importance, power and benefits of keratin, your client will be onboard with the treatment you recommend.  


“Every client in my chair going through a color process will get KCEXPRESS,” says DeAndra. “This is a standard I have created. Why is it important? Here’s an example. I have a client with wavy, natural level 2 hair color. She loves vivid color and wears these shades 99 percent of the time.  She has been pink, blue, green, purple, and blonde. Although she changes her hair color all the time, there are long stretches between her appointments, which means I am starting over every time I see her. I must remove the existing color, then apply highlights or balayage and finish with the vivid hair color of her choice. This means her hair goes through the wringer, but it remains strong, long and beautiful. It’s soft and shiny and never feels gummy despite all the processing. Why? Because she understands that for these transformations to be successful a KCEXPRESS treatment is required!”


Once you’ve experienced the profit and benefit of KCEXPRESS, there’s nothing stopping you from getting to know the rest of the Keratin Complex family. Every product—including treatments, care and styling products—contain the Signature Keratin ingredient. Plus there’s a full range of treatment options for every type of hair and every need, including smoothing, straightening, frizz control, curl refinement, strengthening and repair, color longevity and more.

“My clients love KCEXPRESS,” says DeAndra. “They call it ‘magic in a bottle’ because they can manage their hair better, keep their extensions in longer and they notice their hair color doesn’t fade as quickly. This has led to more referrals and requests for the full range of Keratin Complex keratin treatments!”

It’s time to give yourself a raise. Learn how to earn more in less time with KCEXPRESS.



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