Business Insurance Basics for the Beauty Professional

For independent beauty professionals, business insurance can be there when the worst happens, but your coverage, like your haircolor, should be personalized. Each business is diffferent and the coverage you need to minimize the risk of damage and ensure long-lasting outcomes will be tailored to you. 

Gild Insurance Agency is a nationwide, digital insurance agency specifically designed for microbusinesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs.  Mary Duggan Hoeprich, the founder of Gild Insurance,  joins MODERN's Anne Moratto to talk about what kind of insurance is needed to provide some peach of mind for salon independents. 

Insurance Quiz:  Identify the coverages your business may need with this quick quiz. 

Insurance Map: Follow this map to help you visualize the world of business insurance for the small business owner.


  • Introduction to business insurance. 0:02
    • The risks associated with owning a small business.
  • Why is business insurance so important? 2:08
    • Being a business owner has to be part of the mentality if you're going to make the right decisions. Business insurance is a practical tool in the tool box for small business owners.
  • The difference between general liability and professional liability. 4:30
    • General liability is the foundational policy for most stylists and salon owners. General liability is your foundational protection for others coming into your space.
    • Professional liability is for the protection of the services that you provide. Professional liability is about the stylist, not the salon.
  • The difference between property insurance and personal property. 7:14
    • The distinction between property insurance and property protection is clear. Property insurance can apply to business as well.
    • The creative community has to stop thinking about property solely in terms of a building, and start thinking about tangible items that are personal property.
  • What kind of coverage do you need for your business? 10:02
    • The first thing to think about is the foundational general liability requirement, which is most likely what the landlord is going to come to you with.
    • The next step is to graduate from general liability insurance to a business owner's policy, a combined policy.
  • How to think about liability. 12:35
    • Professional stylists need to think about what their risk profile looks like and what they are using to run their practice.
  • What are the most common accidents that happen in a salon? 14:32
    • What are some of the most common accidents that happen inside a salon, and what else is happening in the world right now.
    • The number one claim from providers.
  • Clients tripping over cords in your space. 16:26
    • Clients are moving between the chair and the couch, or the couch and the chair in a salon, and are tripping over the cords.
    • The importance of business insurance.
  • What is Gild Insurance? 17:59

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