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Cash is no longer king: the time and effort spent on handling cash can cost up to 15% of each sale’s value. That’s where having a salon POS (point of sale) system comes in. 

With the right POS system you’ll enjoy smooth, secure payments, reduce no-shows, and offer a better overall client experience. Let’s dive into what makes a salon POS system so powerful, and what you should look for when choosing the right one for your business.

Earn More, Save Time, and Delight Clients With the Right Salon POS System
Earn More, Save Time, and Delight Clients With the Right Salon POS System

Why get a salon POS system?

Getting paid is great. But the way you take and manage your payments is one of the most important parts of running your salon: it affects your cash flow, client experience, and ultimately your business’s growth. The best way to get the most out of your payment process is to get a salon POS system that connects with your online booking platform. 

You need to be able to manage your appointments and payments from one place, rather than splitting your time, attention, and budget across different systems. It also unlocks opportunities to gain valuable insights from your reports, take upfront payments for services, and more.

Time to break down the four ways you’ll earn more, save time, and delight clients with the right salon POS system. 

Get fast payouts

Having a healthy cash flow is about more than seeing numbers add up in your accounts (though that does feel pretty good). It’s about being able to quickly reinvest in your business and keep growing, without having to wait ages for your payment provider to settle your funds. 

Choose a salon POS system that pays out fast, ideally daily. That way you can pay staff without delay, secure new equipment or tools for your salon, and invest in marketing campaigns to connect with clients and keep your calendar full. Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with seeing your account topped up. 

Reduce no-shows and cancellations

Nobody likes no-shows – they leave gaps in your calendar that throw off your entire schedule, and take a big chunk out of your daily earnings. It’s painful for your business, and painful for your staff (especially if they’re self-employed). 

Make sure clients commit to their appointments with a salon POS system that lets you take their card details when they book. Create a cancellation policy and customise it so it suits your salon – for example, you could give clients until 48 hours before their appointment to cancel, otherwise you charge them 50% of the service’s cost. 

Or you could take that 50% as an upfront payment when clients book, leaving them to pay the remainder at the end of their appointment. Businesses with Fresha see up to 89% fewer no-shows by taking upfront payments, and on top of that, their clients tend to spend up to 20% more on add-ons and products when they’re at the salon. 

Whether you choose to set a cancellation policy or take upfront payments, make sure the amount is enough to cover your costs, but still reasonable for clients. 

Earn More, Save Time, and Delight Clients With the Right Salon POS System
Earn More, Save Time, and Delight Clients With the Right Salon POS System

Give your clients more ways to pay

Paying after their treatment is the final step in a clients’ appointment, so use your salon POS system to make it go as smoothly as possible. It’ll help you leave a great impression and keep clients coming back. Plus, card payments are 3x faster than cash on average, so speeding up checkout gives you more time to prepare for your next appointment or have a moment’s break. 

Use your salon POS system to offer clients plenty of payment methods, including:

  • QR codes as an easy, contactless way for clients to pay from their phone
  • Payment links sent directly via email or text that let clients pay from their own devices
  • Manual card entry for clients who prefer to manually enter their card details themselves
  • Gift cards that clients can buy for themselves or loved ones, encouraging return visits 
  • Card terminals that integrate with your sales reports in your online booking platform 

If your salon POS system lets you save card details on file, you can fast-track the payment process for returning clients. No need for them to enter their card details or even get their wallet out; simply charge their card at the click of a button. It’s convenient for them, and a big timesaver for you.

Use a sleek, powerful card terminal

Find a salon POS system that comes with a card terminal that doesn’t just look good, but is powerful too. 

Choose a card terminal that’s quick and simple to set up yourself, so you don’t lose time troubleshooting. Even better if it connects with your online booking platform – that way every payment will automatically show up in your sales reports, which gives you the insights you need to make profitable decisions for your business (without you having to log every sale yourself). Even better if your card terminal looks good and fits with your brand image.

You’ll also need to keep your card terminal connected, but mobile data isn’t cheap; so use a terminal that comes with free 4G connectivity to keep your costs down. 

Choose your salon POS system wisely

For the ultimate convenience and control, use an online booking platform with a built-in salon POS system. Managing all your appointments and payments from one place will save you valuable time, and show you exactly how each booking translates into revenue. But make sure to choose your salon POS system wisely, as many come with high processing fees that eat into your profits.

That’s where Fresha comes in. Taking payments with Fresha isn’t just simple and smooth: we offer one of the lowest payment processing rates in the industry, with no hidden fees or monthly subscription. Set up Fresha payments today, keep more of what you earn, and grow your business using the world’s best online booking platform.

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