The Wrinkliest States Across America
The Wrinkliest States Across America

New research has revealed which states are the most concerned about the signs of aging, and which are most keen to prevent or reduce wrinkles.  

The data, conducted by experts in skin health Misumi Skincare, looked at the average monthly Google search volume behind terms related to wrinkles and anti-aging skincare products and scaled this against state population to reveal where is most plagued by their wrinkles.  

The study also looked at which states were specifically searching for ‘Botox near me’ to see where is most eager to reverse the signs of aging. 

And the research showed that Colorado came out on top as the wrinkliest state with 312 searches per 100k, which is 52% higher than the national average (205 searches per 100k). Massachusetts is the second wrinkliest state with 298 searches per 100k.  

In third is California, the state known to be particularly cosmetic-heavy and concerned about physical appearance, with 291 searches per 100k.  

Fourth most in need of anti-wrinkle cream is New York, with 280 searches per 100k. But it’s bad news for residents who plan on getting Botox to combat their aging, as the state has some of the priciest injections in the US, ranging from $230 to $1060.   

Ranking fifth is Florida with 275 searches per 100k, which is a fifth (21%) higher than their neighbor Georgia, and over two-thirds (67%) higher than their other neighbor Alabama.  

On the opposite end, the states least bothered by wrinkles is Mississippi with almost three-fifths (59%) fewer searches than Colorado, with 125 searches per 100k. Presumably, the state is among those that are aging the most gracefully – or that are least concerned about doing so.  

Also among the least-concerned states is South Dakota which follows suit with only 135 monthly searches per 100k, with Arkansas named the third least-worried with 142 searches per 100k.

As well as identifying which states are the most and least concerned about aging, the data also reveals where cosmetic action is most likely to halt the side-effects. 

Unsurprisingly, Colorado ranks first as the state searching for botox the most, with 91 searches per 100k. Also in search of youthful skin is Florida (86 searches per 100k) and Massachusetts (78 searches paper 100k), which take second and third place respectively. 

The least-likely state to get Botox is South Dakota, who ranked second least-wrinkly overall, with three quarters (75%) less searches than Colorado at 22 searches per 100k. 

Skincare expert Steven Davos from Misumi Skincare gives tips on how to look after your skin as you age, as he says: “Taking care of your skin as you age is crucial for maintaining a youthful complexion and preventing deep-set wrinkles.  

“First and foremost, a consistent skincare routine is important. A gentle cleanser helps rid your skin of impurities without stripping away natural oils, and a good sunscreen is a must to shield yourself from harmful UV rays which are a major contributor to premature aging.  

“Hydration is also key and keeping your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizer will successfully keep your skin looking great in your twilight years.”   

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Originally posted on Salon Today