3 Strategies for Skyrocketing Salon Success
3 Strategies for Skyrocketing Salon Success

In the hairstyling industry, long hours and tireless dedication are often exchanged for modest earnings. Challenging this narrative, Ryan Sanger, owner of Hair Lingerie: The Studio in Los Angeles, has rewritten his professional story.

Starting as a stylist working 60-hour weeks for $100k a year, he has revolutionized his career, now grossing over 400k in annual revenue while working just three days a week. His journey from a conventional hairstylist to a lucrative entrepreneur wasn’t a stroke of luck but a series of strategic decisions and disciplined actions.

Finding a Niche: The Game Changer

Like many in the field, Sanger's initial career involved long hours at top salons in Boston and LA. His trajectory shifted when he recognized a vital insight: clients were seeking him specifically.

This led to the creation of Hair Lingerie The Studio, a boutique salon specializing in high-quality, seamless hair extensions. By focusing on this niche service, Sanger positioned his salon to command premium prices for its specialized services. As a salon owner, it is important to determine what unique skills or services you can offer your clientele; this could be a specific hair service, experience, or a product line that is not widely available in your area yet desirable.

Once you have done so, go above and beyond to master this skill and focus your branding around it to attract the attention of your target market.

Investing Excellence and Environment

Research and select products that align with the quality of services you wish to offer. This could mean partnering with premium brands or sourcing exclusive products. Understanding his client's preferences for exclusive, high-end products, Sanger chose Hair Lingerie extensions, renowned for their quality. This approach of using in-demand, limited-access products supported his premium pricing strategy, meeting no resistance from his clientele as they rest assured they are receiving top-quality treatment. 

In addition, Ryan recognized the significance of creating an environment that complements his high-quality, luxury services. Design your salon space to reflect the quality of your services. Consider factors like décor, comfort, and privacy that will enhance the client experience.

Sanger chose Sola Salon Studios as the place to house his studio as they provided him with space and support to create an intimate and exclusive experience for his clients. Ensure your salon provides a luxurious and comfortable experience, from seating to the ambiance. The environment plays a pivotal role in attracting his desired audience segment and adding value to the overall client experience, directly contributing to his bottom line.

Understanding the Client and Building Relationships

A key element of Sanger’s strategy was profiling his ideal customer. By considering demographic traits, lifestyle, personality, shopping habits, and income, he tailored his services, products, and salon ambiance.  Use these profiles to tailor your services, recommendations, and interactions to meet the specific needs and preferences of your clients. This precision in targeting enabled him to attract and retain high-value customers effectively. 

Central to Sanger's success is his dedication to building deep, relationship-based connections with his clients. Understanding their lifestyles, aspirations, and hair goals has helped him establish trust, turning customers into loyal patrons. In addition, stylists should offer personalized advice and solutions and follow up after appointments to show their care. This approach has been crucial in ensuring a stable, reliable income stream. 

The Blueprint for Salon Success

Ryan Sanger’s journey illustrates how strategic planning and persistent execution can dramatically enhance a hairstylist's career. By carving out a niche, fostering customer relationships, creating the right environment, understanding clients, investing in quality products, and seeking mentorship, Sanger has not only increased his income but also achieved a desirable work-life balance. His story offers a compelling blueprint for hairstylists aiming to elevate their careers.

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