The industry is changing fast—and in a business full of creative people, beauty pros are getting even more creative about how they’re doing business. A bright new way to balance freedom with profit comes from MY SALON Suite, built for everyone in the big world of beauty, from hair to nails to lashes to brows and beyond.

MY SALON Suite provides private and luxurious spaces complete with equipment, storage and some big money-savers (more on that later)—you set your own hours, prices and policies. This kind of freedom was unthinkable for the stylists of yesterday.

Think about it: what could you achieve with total freedom to build a space that looks and feels the way you want? How could your creativity thrive if you were free to follow your own goals?

Let’s get an idea of the MY SALON Suite lifestyle, and hear from your peers about how MY SALON Suite has given their careers room to thrive.



Every MY SALON Suite comes fully-equipped: that means as soon as you step in the door, you have state-of-the-art stations, high-end equipment, a full-sized mirror, a separate color bar with a sink and storage, and even luxe touches like granite countertops, all ready to go.

“The existing furnishings means that I didn’t have to buy them,” smiles MY SALON Suite Member Nikki Wilson. “I especially love the higher sink—it saves my back considerably!”

Stylists are quick to mention the relief of having their own dryers and sinks. It means no waiting for a place to open up or feeling pressure to hurry your client’s service, and in the beauty business, those little details mean everything.

MY SALON Suite covers utilities, A/C and WiFi. Pros say that when these background stressors are taken care of, their careers can thrive: pros can focus their attention where it really matters, on their creativity and their clients, and they can focus their funds on growing their businesses—not on the treadmill of bills.

“MY SALON Suite has saved me on overhead and operating expenses,” reports  Member Charmetria Craig-Johnson. “It has allowed me to have salon ownership without the large upfront cost and risk of building and running a traditional salon.”

Your suite comes with everything you need—and MY SALON Suite covers utilities, A/C and WiFi. You can take your mind off the little stuff and focus on the biggies, like leveling up your career. “There’s nothing like being able to show up to work and not have to worry about the small things,” says stylist and barber Truman Guzman. “I’m so grateful every single day.”



Here’s something you probably thought you’d never experience in a salon: privacy. It’s true! Because each suite is a stylist’s own space (and because each suite comes with floor-to-ceiling walls), stylists say they’ve never had more privacy to create—and to zoom in on their clients’ needs.

Member Lauren Lavecchia Russ says that the privacy of her suite has been great for her client relationships: “My clients love the fact that this is my own room. They can feel that I’m really listening to them—and they can also talk to me about their lives, and I can close the door, so there’s no one else listening to our conversation. We still feel like we’re in a salon world because we can still see people walking by. But we have this wonderful privacy and space for focus.”


Sick of trying to hear your client over someone else’s blow-out? Frazzled by the booming bass of music you didn’t choose? Then you’ll be into this: each suite comes with acoustical ceilings. That means they’re built to reduce and control noise.

You decide what your environment sounds like. Your ability to focus is one of your most crucial tools—a quiet space protects your attention.



Your suite is yours. And nobody is better than stylists at making their mark artistically.

“I personalized my suite quite extensively,” says Member Nikki Wilson. “MY SALON Suite lets you pick the paint colors, they let you choose what to hang on the walls. They let you do what you want to make the space feel like your own.”

It’s not just for fun—it’s smart business to make your space a distinctive, recognizable brand. It builds your identity as an artist and it creates a place where clients feel confident that they’re in the hands of a pro.

“Clients walk in and they’re wowed by the way it looks,” confirms Lauren Lavecchia Russ. “Each room feels spacious. Each room speaks to each stylist.”

“I would definitely advise stylists to make the space yours,” agrees Member Jess Lea Marine. “I’ve made this place mine. I have my artwork that reflects me. I’ve made a comfortable space where I can really focus on my clients, and I can offer them so much. My clients have turned into family. When they come here, they can cry, they can laugh.”

A fully personalizable space means freedom: the freedom to express yourself and to design a business that aligns with your dreams. In a suite that fits your needs—not a coworker’s needs, not a manager’s goals, not somebody else’s idea of success—you can create the business you envision.



In a people-first business like salons, you need to feel safe—and so do your clients. With buzzer-controlled entry, motion-sensor lights and a double-door entrance, MY SALON Suite spaces put your mind at rest.

“The security has built confidence in me,” says Suite Elite member Sherry Holloway. “For one, I love that you can talk to your customer when they’re in the lobby and you also have multiple cameras. I was working towards the back of the salon, so I could look at the cameras and see who’s at the front door.”

There’s an efficiency bonus to this state-of-the-art security: “If it’s your client, you can just go ahead and let them in,” Sherry adds. “You don’t have to walk all the way to the front door!”



Security of the sort MY SALON Suite offers also means the freedom to live the kind of schedule that’s right for your business. “You can come and go as you please,” says Lauren Lavecchia Russ. “If you want to do a client at midnight, you could!” She laughs. “Not saying everyone does that, but the option is there. At night, you can come in and feel sure that you’re in a secure location.”



The MY SALON Suite team is all about community. As they say at MY SALON Suite, “You’re in business for yourself, but you’re never alone.” The support team at MY SALON Suite are committed to supporting you in your beauty journey.

“MY SALON Suite inspires me in so many different ways,” says Sherry Holloway. “They can be your best friend, they can set you up for success, they can help guide you in whatever it is you want to do with your business, and you can take it in whichever direction you want to go.”

The entrepreneurs in the MY SALON Suite fam—who MY SALON Suite call their Members—are as magically diverse as the beauty industry itself, and they have this in common: they’re driven, they’re dedicated, and they want to help one another succeed.

“We’re all professionals and we all get along so well,” agrees Sherry Holloway. “When you have that, there’s no stopping you. You can go wherever you want with your career.”

The Members say that MY SALON Suite is more than just walls to work in: “Having my own suite has afforded me a great life,” says Jess Lea Marine. “It’s a great opportunity—I would recommend it to anybody.”



Because MY SALON Suite offers both singles and doubles, that means your space can grow with your business. And the MY SALON Suite support team is committed to walking alongside pros as they discover the path that’s right for them: MY SALON Suite provides the space, nurtures the community, and you bring your passion, your expertise, and your FLAIR[trademark].


You’ve heard about how your suite comes all set to go with high-end equipment and utilities covered, saving you money on both set-up costs and monthly extras like A/C and WiFi.

Here’s something else to think about: No commission splits. You keep 100% of your profits.

Check out this Profit Calculator to compare what you’re currently earning from commissions with what you could be earning with your own suite. You’re probably going to be amazed.

Pros say their businesses have ramped up like never before with MY SALON Suite: “I’m booked a month out solid and evenings and Saturdays are booked out four months,” says Sherry. “I can create my own customer experience and my clients love that.”

Member Charmetria Craig-Johnson agrees: the combination of freedom with profits has put her on the path to success. As she says, “I’m able to set my own prices and sell products that will assist me in achieving my financial goals.”



Beauty pros are famous for being some of the most driven entrepreneurs out there: and in the industry we know that creatives can reach the highest heights when they forge their own paths.

“It was really important to me to be able to build my brand,” says Lauren Lavecchia Russ. “I wanted to have a comfortable space to do that in, so when I found MY SALON Suite I was really excited, because I could do just that and make it mine.”

Independence also means embracing responsibility—and there is great power in that choice. Member Truman Guzman puts it like this: “There’s no better gift you could give to yourself than going out and starting your own business and being able to hold yourself accountable, hold yourself responsible, rather than depending on anyone else to do it for you.”


Not so long ago, beauty pros had to search high and low to find salons which matched their values and goals—and once they found the right fit, they weren’t always guaranteed fair pay or a healthy work environment. If they wanted to set out on their own, pros had to shoulder the massive overhead involved in putting together a full salon.

MY SALON Suite is part of the bright future of the beauty industry: an amazing combination of security and personal freedom. A truly empowering way to do business, MY SALON Suite gives you room to build your business, your skills, and your futures—your own way.

Tour the suites and hear how MY SALON Suite is helping pros be their best here.




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