It's the more natural-looking blondes that often signal the old money sophistication and grace.

It's the more natural-looking blondes that often signal the old money sophistication and grace. 

Satin Hair Care

With the world of hair constantly evolving, colorists need to keep up with the latest trends. With recent color styles ranging from ‘Expensive Brunette’ to ‘Cowboy Copper’ and the fiery “Cherry Color Red,’ salon chairs are buzzing with new looks. But what’s next to trend? ‘Old Money Blonde’ is what Satin Hair Color predicts,  a soft sun-kissed shade sported on celebrities like Margot Robbie and Sofia Richie. 

Hair color brand Satin Hair Color offers a range of 70 permanent shades and varying strengths of Satin Volume Developers. The brand’s formulas, enriched with a blend of soy protein and aloe vera deliver shine while strengthening strands. Formulated with micro-color molecules, Satin Hair Color is fade-resistant, with about 1% ammonia for less damage.

Lisa Finucane, director of sales and education at Satin Hair Color shared her process on recreating the ‘Old Money Blonde’ look with Satin Hair Color.

Get the Look

Natural Level: 6

  1. Start with the base color using Satin Hair Color’s 7A shade with 30 Volume Cream Developer mixed in a 1:2 ratio (one-part color; two-part developer).
  2. Create the Balayage face frame using Satin Hair Color’s Satin Blue Powder Lightener Bleach and Satin Hair Color’s 40 Volume Cream Developer.
  3. Enhance warm depth throughout the interior with low lights by alternating between 8G with Satin Hair Color’s 10 Volume Cream Developer mixed 1:2, and 6G with 10 Volume Cream Developer mixed 1:2.
  4. Allow the mixture to process for 35 minutes and then shampoo.
  5. Finish with an all-over gloss of 10B mixed 1:2 with Satin Demi Developer for 10-15 minutes for an extra boost of shine.

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