Graduating soon and hoping to have a long and successful career in the beauty industry? Here are some tips from top educators.

SARA JONES, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Joico and ISO brands

“Graduating soon and hoping to have a long and successful career in the beauty industry? So was I when I graduated from cosmetology school in 1981, and I’m happy to say that after 29 years I still love the beauty business. Here’s a bit of advice I can offer that has helped me over the years. I hope it helps you, too!”

  1. Start building your networking skills now! Are you going into your community to meet and get to know the top salons and stylists? How about your local professional beauty supply distributor? If not, you need to get out there and network. You are entering a tight-knit industry where being known by others, especially those with influence, is very helpful. Technical skills are very important, but equally important are your communication skills.
  2. Research the career avenues available in our industry. Do you want to be a career colorist? An owner? A platform artist? A manufacturer’s representative? A hairdresser? These are only a handful of options you can explore in our profession. Never think your future is limited. If you’re not totally satisfied in the position you first select, seek out alternatives until you find the right one for you. So, how do you find out about all these opportunities? Networking!
  3. When you have finally “made it,” be sure to give back to our industry by mentoring others. Surely someone is helping you realize your dreams and aspirations … so why not do the same for someone else? Pay it forward, you’ll be glad you did!

Tips from the Top!CAROLYN CORPORON, Vice President of Marketing, Beauty Systems Group

“Be a member! I recommend you join CosmoProf ProClub as you begin your journey into the business of beauty. When you enroll, you join more than 125,000 students who shop at CosmoProf and enjoy the benefits of membership in ProClub. As a student member you receive coupons and e-newsletters. We offer young professionals the opportunity to “ test their talent” by entering Fashion Frenzy! Lear n more by visiting Check out education and shows available to you. Catch the videos and articles and, of course, look to see what’s new!”

Tips from the Top!JOE SANTY, Vice President of Education for Dennis Bernard

“’When you’re green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you rot.’ I heard that at the very first hair show I attended many years ago and it stuck with me. In other words, always keep an open mind, one that is receptive to learning; not just learning from new sources but also turning your challenges into positive learning experiences.”

Tips from the Top!KIM ETHEREDGE and WENDI LEVY, Creators of Mixed Chicks

“As a cosmetology student you should not limit your skills. The industry is always changing and you should be able to change with it. This will not only make you an excellent stylist but it can prepare you to become an excellent businessperson. Taking the time to learn different techniques, a hot cut or color, and how to treat and style for all textures of hair, will prepare you for a successful career.”

Tips from the Top!DARREN BROKAW, Artistic Director for Great Lengths USA

“Begin your research for specialty services and products NOW so when you begin to talk to salons about potential employment they will realize you’ve already begun to think about where you want your career to go. You must have a strong foundation for all services. However, by finding a “specialty” niche, like hair extensions, you’re setting yourself apart from the many other stylists seeking the same job you are. Salon owners and managers will immediately take notice of your ambition, earning potential and what value you could bring to their business vs. being just another new stylist waiting on the busy bus to arrive. Don’t be one of a million, be one in a million.”

TOMMY BUCKETT, Celebrity Stylist & Sedu Styling Consultant

“When you first start at the salon, take a step back and really take in the atmosphere, the types of clients, the mood, the energy. It’s really about adapting yourself to that salon and the salon style. You need to be the expert to anyone that sits in your chair and really master your craft. You need to be on trend and be 100 percent up-to-date on celebrity style, up-and-coming photographers and you need to practice, practice, practice on how to get those latest trends and apply them to anyone’s hair. You need to put in your time; you need to go above and beyond, which many times means you need to work for free. Give a cut away because if it’s a great cut, people notice and people talk. Word of mouth is very influential. Most important, you need to have an amazing attitude, no ego and lots of patience.”



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