Make guests your top priority!  (photo credit: Getty Images) Getty Images
Make guests your top priority! (photo credit: Getty Images)Getty Images

In the clients’ eyes, what sets you apart from another hairdresser is more than just the quality of the cut you give them. How you connect with them personally and on a business level also come into a customer’s consideration whether or not they will want your services again.

According to Jon Gonzales, president and founder of Hairdresser Career Development Systems, staying in touch with your customers should be a top priority. “There are many effective and inexpensive methods of reaching out to your current and future customers that can be accomplished through social media (Twitter and Facebook), YouTube, your own website, email, newsletter, post cards etc,” Gonzales says.

Through these mediums, you can make special announcements, send ‘Thank You’ notes to customers, offer incentives or coupons, lure back lost customers, and ask for customer feedback. “Regular, ongoing communication with your customers is a powerful marketing strategy little known and rarely used by your competitors, and one that will help you stand out in the crowd.”


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