My look right now: Much more tailored. I really love the look of British businessmen in Central London-very tailored, pressed clothing yet still some sort of edge to my hair or outfit. 

My favorite look ever: For women, it's 1920's Chanel. It was the beginning of high fashion and was the first era that worked with hair cuts rather than just set hair. For men, it's the "Rat Pack" style. I just think Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin look cool no matter what year it is.

What I wear to work: Suits, vests, high-end belts and shoes. I look at what managers wear at the high-end restaurants where I get excellent service and want to portray the same level of service in my salon.

What I wear on stage: The same. I feel I should look just as put together for a hair show as I do for each and every client. One of our salons' customer-service standards actually reads, "You're on stage, act the part!"

Favorite Designers: Chanel and Valentino

Favorite Store: Neiman Marcus (Although I really can't afford it every time!). Saks' Off 5th is a great alternative.

The coolest thing in my wardrobe: Either my three-piece Dolce and Gabbana suit or my seer sucker suit and Fedora that I wore to the Kentucky Derby. I wear both to work any chance I get!

The most exciting look I ever created for a client: I had a client who woke up one morning and her 20-month-old son had cut her collar-length hair about 1 inch from the scalp on her right side. She called me in a panic, came in at the end of my day, and we cut a beautiful asymmetric crop on one side and a jaw-length layered bob on the other. She had a great, heart-shaped face with a very angular jaw line and the look just made her eyes and features pop! 

My Mentor: Van Council. Every time I work with Van, or even if we are just getting dinner, I learn something that helps me for my future.

Personal Style: Daniel Holzberger

Daniel Holzberger

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