Barbara Lhotan of ElieElie Salon in Winchester, Virginia, created this modern updo at a recent MODERN SALON Artist Session (

Rocker Curls Rocker Curls

Here, she details the steps to get the look:

1. Shampoo with a deep moisturizing product-use deep conditioner for curly hair.

2. Apply product: Use a clean medium hold gel starting at the back nape area, continuing up to the crown, sides and top using liberal amounts of product to ensure even saturation. This step is necessary so there is no frizz in the hair.

3. Diffuse curls until dry.

4. Stand in front and make a wide rectangular section starting past the distribution point in the back.

5. Brush hair forward and execute a loose fishtail braid.

6. Pinch hair from the back coming towards the bangs and rotate braid from side to side to loosen the braid.

7. Attach small "blax" band to the end of the braid and rotate tail end of the braid in counter clock wise position and pin to front.

8. Separate strands of hair from each side at the temples down to the to hairline, pull strands up and pin to the fishtail braid.

9. Continue to lift sections of curls and pin to the scalp.

10.  In the back and on the top disconnect some curls.

11. Use a pomade to soften some of the curls while you build a shape that looks like a "faux hawk" from the side.

12.  Capture ends at the nape and add the snood  to compliment the shape.

Hair: Barbara Lhotan
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich
Assistant: Linzie Wolfor
Hair accessories and blax bands:
Brush: Mason Pearson

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