Sophia Navarro of NOVALASH Offers Tips For Success

Sophia Navarro, Owner of Lash Co., Houston, TX is one of the top eyelash extension artists in the world, applying hundreds of thousands of lashes each year. We asked her some questions on how other artists can up their own business…

 1.     What is the number one most common mistake made by lash artists?

SN:  Many lash artists apply extensions that are too long.  It is important to mix different lengths and thicknesses to get a full, natural look instead of the dreaded spidery effect.

2.     How often should lash artists return for training?

After basic training we recommend each artist come to my advanced training course with NovaLash.  After you have the basics down it is important to continue learning more advanced techniques.

3.     What is your favorite extension story?

SN: When I had the opportunity to do Beyonce's lashes.  I knew she had been exposed to many different types of lash extensions and different lash artists so I was thrilled that she came to me-and even more ecstatic when I saw her look in the mirror.  She loved them!   I also really enjoyed creating my own products including NovaLash lash liner and NovaLash Candied Lashes.  That was a very rewarding experience.
 Sophia Navarro, Owner of Lash Co., Houston, TX
4.     What is the largest number of clients you have had in one day?

SN: 12 - I used to do 12 clients each day, everyday.

5.     What tips do you have for other lash artists?

SN: Don't be afraid to separate!  This is so important so the lashes don't clump together.  Be patient!  It may take a long time when you first start but if you practice enough you will improve your timing.  Always use NovaLash Platinum Bond Adhesive-I'm a big believer!

6.     What is the key to your success at The Lash Co?

SN: My girls.  Each one of them has her own style - but they all use the correct technique.  They do the job right and that keeps our clients coming back each month.    
  Navarro applying eyelash extensions

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