Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy and Dr. Tiffani Bailey Lash created a new hair care line for multicultural hair of varying textures from natural extracts called Tea and Honey Blends.

Tea and Honey Blends: a new hair care line targeted for women with multicultural hair.

The THB founders, who met while pursuing chemistry PhDs at N.C. State University, were unsatisfied with the hair products that were on the market, in particular, those marketed to women of color. Using their education and inspiration combined, they came up with Tea and Honey Blends, specially suited for women with multicultural hair.

      Multicultural Magic 
 Tashni-Ann Dubroy, PhD, co-founder
 Tiffani Bailey Lash, PhD, co-founder

According to the doctors, they say even though commercial shampoos do a good job cleansing the hair and scalp, they tend to strip moisture from the follicles. "We were able to tap into that and create a product that locks in moisture and still has the antimicrobial effects of Tea Tree," says Dubroy.

The ladies created The Tea and Honey Blends Hair Catalyst System – a three-part system to help cleanse and condition multicultural hair.

 Multicultural MagicThe Steps:

The Tea and Honey Blends Stimulating Shampoo is used in step one to cleanse the hair of oil build up. The shampoo not only has antiseptic properties of tea tree, but it also has a soothing smell of peppermint.

The Tea and Honey Blends Nourishing Conditioner is used in the second step to add moisture and soften the hair.

The third step in the Hair Catalyst System is the Silk Protein Leave-in conditioner. This product locks in moisture.  
 Tea and Honey Blends Catalyst System

After washing and conditioning the hair, opt to use Tea and Honey Blends Gleam, a lightweight, non-oily formula that helps repair split ends and eliminate frizz. This product will help smooth and gloss the hair. It also contains special blends of silicones and a sunscreen to help protect the hair from UV and environmental damage. This product can be used for natural, color treated, permed or relaxed hair.

With summer right around the corner, Tea and Honey Blends Sparkle Mist, will infuse dull hair with a light reflecting gloss that will also add shine to any hair style. This product contains a mixture of silicones that acts as a shield to prevent heat, humidity and other environmental factors from affecting the hair.

 Multicultural Magic
  Gleam and Shimmer!

 Still need more nourishment? Tea and Honey Blends Nutrient Oil Serum also helps brings dull hair to life. This oil serum protects and conditions to restore moisture to thirsty hair. There is a blend of olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, meadow foam oil and shea butter to help with hair dryness.

For curly girls: Try Tea and Honey Blends Curl Definer-specially for natural hair. Locks in and enhances natural curls.
 Oil Serum and Curl Definer

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