Sam Villa

, founding partner and chairman of Allvus, LLC, and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, saw Vidal Sassoon at a hair show when he was a child and knew then and there that he wanted to be a platform artist. Villa is a believer in learner-focused education and believes that as a platform artist ‘it's all about the student.' Here are some tips for the aspiring platform artist from Villa:

  1. Master your CONTENT. The more in charge of the content you are, the less nervous you will be.
  2. Deliver a MESSAGE. In addition to teaching a specific technique or style, inspire students to stay open to new ideas and directions. Respect everyone's personal style and everything they've learned before they came into your classroom or presentation. It's also important to package information in an easy way, so stylists can absorb it and immediately apply it to their clients. Be a messenger that opens attendees to what they're seeing and hearing.
  3. MOTIVATE students. If they are not motivated, they will fall back into their old routine. At the end of every session, have students write a promissory note about what they will do differently when they're back at their chair. Have them address it to themselves and seal it. Four weeks later, mail it back to them so they can be reminded of the commitment they made to themselves to change their habits.
 Sam Villa

"Audiences are more intelligent than ever and expect a lot from education. Redken has inspired me to help salon professionals not only through the words I say, but also by truly serving them," adds Villa. 

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