The premiere of Vidal Sassoon the Movie at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City (

THE DETAILS: Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble and bumble, worked with Vidal Sassoon while writing his book, Hair Heroes. Shocked no one had made a movie about the living legend, Gordon decided to produce the film himself. Gordon spent the past three years compiling information, unearthing clips, interviewing friends, family and colleagues and following Sassoon's every move. "Very little was left after editing," says Gordon of the 88-minute film. The documentary is comprehensive following Sassoon from his days in an orphanage to his recent visit at the Vidal Sassoon Santa Monica Academy. The film includes vintage footage from the 1960s when Sassoon first developed his unique cutting style, transforming the world of hairdressing as we know it today.

EXCLUSIVE: The legendary Vidal Sassoon recently talked to MODERN SALON Editor Laurel Nelson about the new documentary, Vidal Sassoon the Movie. He shares his thoughts on the movie, insights from his 60-year career and advice for stylists and cosmetology students. Listen to this exclusive interview now!

NOT SURPRISING: Each of the showings of this film was sold out during the festival. Many of the showings were filled with salon industry icons, editors, Sassoon fans, family and hairstylists. Most stayed after each showing for the "question and answer" period while audience members fired questions, compliments and comments to Michael Gordon and director Craig Teper.

THE FILM'S FUTURE: Ideally Vidal Sassoon The Movie will be picked up by a distributor so the movie will be seen around the world. We can then all hope that we will see Vidal himself on stage at the Oscars receiving worldwide recognition for changing an industry and for his contributions to the world through his philanthropic

THE LAST WORD: "I laughed, I cried," said Tony Beckerman, a Sassoon colleague who brought the cutting method to the United States in the 1960s. "Of course I am biased, as I am in the movie. I was hoping that the movie would show what really happened, and it did!"

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