Danilo, The Girl With The Dragon TattooFamed session stylist Danilo was tapped to transform actress Rooney Mara into “the girl” in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". The film, which opens tomorrow, is expected to be quite the hit. Based on the award winning, best selling novel by Stieg Larsson, it stars Rooney and heartthrob Daniel Craig. While the story has been hailed world wide…there is no doubt that the “look” of Lisbeth Salander as a goth-like, hi-tech social outcast, is considered equally important and could/should set the tone for the whole film. Danilo, one of our favorite artists, had a HUGE job in creating the “beauty”, but as always…handled this challenge with grace and poise. He has granted us this exclusive interview so that the Modern Salon Media audience could get the true behind the scenes scoop on creating the “Lisbeth-do”.

"The journey on creating an iconic image, driven by a story for a film, involves collaboration,” he says.  “After Meeting with Trish Summerville, the Costume Designer on the film and an integral artist for the Visual of the film…. and Salander's character…. I walked away with a very strong image of who she is and how her hair and overall beauty reflect the many facets of her personality and lifestyle.”

The creation was not taken lightly. “In the studio, along with my accomplices/collaborators, Director David Fincher, Costume Designer Trish Summerville and Rooney, our precious muse, I began to sculpt in the beauty that is ‘Salander’.

“Phase one: I knew I wanted Salander to be commanding and intimidating upon site. I chose what I call ‘Amazonian Indian’ bang to frame and expose her rawness and boldness. I wanted her to appear in control of her own as if she, with strong ritualistic intent, controls her own universe and its beauty within… a different type of emotional cutting.”

Danilo, The Girl With The Dragon TattooIntent on the finish look being different from a typical punk Mohawk, Danilo played with the design. “The sides have a circle fade cut out. I created a disconnected top that allowed Salander to slide through environments with multiple shapes and silhouettes. Faux Hawk/Asymmetrical/chopped chin length/textured & smooth… all these concepts built into one haircut.”

Color was key to Danilo. “Next it was important to give a deep cool shade to hair color….not black…. shadow if you will. I also saw the removal of the eyebrows  as  an appropriate intimidating beauty feature, so I bleached them away. Stepping back and taking in the total look, there was no stopping the emergence of the’ Salander’ being. With her war paint intact, she accomplishes her goals.”

Will this be the next hot look for salon clients? Danilo believes there may be ‘some’ interpretation.  “To all who might enjoy playing with Salanders image, whether the complete look or adapting elements, this type of beauty is very individualistic and requires that approach to a client to really make it successful."

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