Personal Style: Omar LopezOmar Lopez is a rising star in the session world. Owner of Salon Oh just outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey, Lopez has had the opportunity to style Lindsay Lohan, create fabulous designs at Fashion Week and travel the world teaching the latest in design and shape as Sultra’s Creative Director.

About Me

BORN/RAISED: Born in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Raised in New York and New Jersey.

MY STYLE: Casual and a bit urban. Playing dress up rocks!

MY HAIR RIGHT NOW: My hair is unruly with mixed texture so I just shave it. It’s clean, sexy and I get to live vicariously through my work.

I WOULD LOVE TO MAKEOVER: Lindsay Lohan—I think we should reconnect so I can get her back to a beautiful ginger.

MY BEST JOB EVER: My job now—I am a salon owner, creative director for Sultra, celebrity and session stylist. It’s fun, unpredictable and exciting.

IF I HADN’T BECOME A HAIRDRESSER: I would have been an attorney. I am a Libra, I love justice and strive for balance and equality. And I love a good debate and dialogue.

MY SECRET TALENT: Singing. I love to sing and I’m pretty good.

I RELAX BY: Meditating. I dedicate one hour every day to reflect on my day, and relax, relate, release.

MY MENTOR: Ziggy, a friend and stylist out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I was eight years old when he began to train me as a hairdresser—he’s a genius. His discipline and way of thinking is awesome! Thank you, Ziggy!

MY MOTTO: “Ainsi va la vie” or “That’s how life goes.” Good bad or ugly.

I BECAME A HAIRDRESSER BECAUSE: It was my destiny. When I was 3 years old, I used to tell my nanny, “When I grow up I am going to become a stylist so I can fix your ugly hair.” When I became a hairdresser I did fix her hair. She looks fabulous now!

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