Braid of the Day How-to: The Extended French Braid!Have a client with very long hair? Then they are a perfect candidate for this Extended French Braid! Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner & lead stylist of SalonCapri in Newton & Dedham, MA, gave us his steps on how to re-create this look. "Begin with an anti-frizz cream while the hair is still damp," says Penna. Penna likes L’Oreal Professional’s Anti-Frizz Styling Gelee to keep hair smooth and enhance shine. "After applying the product, blow dry the hair completely using a brush to push hair back and eliminate any obvious part," he says.

1. Once the hair is dry, begin a French braid near the client’s left temple. Separate the hair from the front of her head into one inch pieces. Braid this piece through the French braid once and then let it come through and rest until the braid comes back the other way (see step 3).
2. Continue the braid, working horizontally across her head, Penna suggests keeping the braid loose to avoid making the look too severe.
3. Once the braid reaches the other side of the client’s head (near her right ear), begin braiding back horizontally in the other direction. Be sure to incorporate the one inch pieces used in the first braid the same way, using them once and allowing them to rest until used in the next braid.
4. As the braid reaches the left side of the client’s head, continue the process and braid back in other direction. Continue this until you reach the nape of the client’s neck with the braid.
5. At this point, collect the pieces that were incorporated into each braid and along with the French braid that has traveled along the back of the client’s head, braid the pieces together into a single braid down the back.
6. Secure the braid with an elastic and check to make sure no pieces have snuck out through the process. For a nice finish, spray a generous amount of Finishing Spray on the entire style for extra hold without looking stiff.

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