Geno Stampora of Stampora Consulting, Inc. based in Purcellville, VA, freely admits he has been working on his book "The Seven Key Strategies to Super Charging Your Future" for a while now. However, the fact that the book hasn't yet been published isn't keeping him from offering his sound advice and guidance to the salon industry.

"We have to ask people to help us," Geno told me recently. "It is important to have a personal marketing campaign." Geno points out that there are so many things each of us can do to create our own powerful, super charged future. "One thing is simple. Each week we should get a new client in to the salon."

Geno had so many important things to say I just handed him the microphone and asked him to share. Here he gives us just a bit more than one minute offering a tid bit from the book. Clearly we can all look forward to reading eveything in "The Seven Strategies to Super Charging Your Future."

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