Behind the Cover - June 2012Blonde Moment

Art is everywhere on Bond Street in New York City—especially at the Eva Scrivo Salon. Owner, creative director, colorist and stylist Scrivo commands interest at her salon, palette in hand, while applying her famed baliage highlights to her famed clients.

The salon is breathtaking, with a grand entrance bursting with hand-picked professional products and tempting accessories including headbands and jewelry. Each client must pass through a dazzling make-up area where make-up artists, led by Scrivo’s sister Vinnetta, put the finishing touches on clients.

Behind the Cover - June 2012Scrivo herself is simply beautiful. Well-coiffed and tastefully dressed, she glides around the salon with her color palette at her side, adding her special baliage highlights here and there. It is such a fun scene and delightful environment.

But it is about the art…not just on the clients’ hair and faces (or in the spa on the lower level), but the salon itself. Leon Dickey covers the walls with large, striking paintings. Each piece has been placed appropriately to enhance the salon experience.

We decided to hold our June photoshoot session in the salon, using the art that graces the walls as our backdrop. The piece used as the background on our cover image is titled “Number 111.”

Behind the Cover - June 2012“I was thrilled we used this piece because its jagged texture and somber palette provided a perfect complement for our bright-blonde model,” says Scrivo.

The icing on the cake for this session was Scrivo’s make-up and nail direction. “I really wanted pointy nude nails,” Scrivo says. “My mother wore her nails like that in the ’60s,” she says as she opens her book Eva Scrivo On Beauty to an image of her mother with her nude pointy nails. “I’ve always loved this look,” she says. “And this nail shape and shade is totally in fashion right now.”

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