How to Create Brig Van Osten's "Hey Baby" BraidMODERN Facebook fan Brig Van Osten, owner of Simi Valley, California's P!ay Hair Lounge and winner of Bravo's Shear Genius 3, is always creating something crafty and fun. Whether it's a makeover on a loyal client, a step-by-step color transformation or, seen here, whipping up a video tutorial for a MODERN SALON step-by-step.

In this how to, Van Osten shares her "Hey Baby" hair design, inspired by No Doubt's Gwen Stefani and her return to the spotlight.


Step 1. Section hair in two--from the back/top of the ear to the other ear. Clip front half forward to work with later.

Step 2. Secure back half in low side ponytail using a bungee band.

Step 3. Start at the left ear braiding toward the face with a three-strand braid. Similar to a French braid except you only add hair to your top section, not both top & bottom.

Step 4. Turning: As soon as you want to change the braid's direction, while holding your braid, turn your hands that direction (approx 180 degrees) and continue braiding. This time only add hair to the bottom section and don’t grab ALL of the hair under the braid, just tiny surface sections. You want to keep the braid floating without the scalp showing.

Step 5. Follow Step 4 all the way until your braid narrows. At that time, just finish it with a traditional three-strand braid and secure with a hairband.

Step 6. Take the back half ponytail you created in Step 2 and finish as desired. "Or as I did, I did a skeleton french braid," Van Osten says. "To do so, only grab tiny outside sections of hair to pull into your braid. At the end, give it a shake and secure it with a few bobby pins into a knot.

Step 7. "Shoot it!" Van Osten says. "Share it on Modern Salon’s Facebook page so I can “like” your work and get inspiration from you!"

The finished look:

How to Create Brig Van Osten's "Hey Baby" Braid

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