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Throughout this celebration, we're going to post a fill-in-the-blank question for you to answer once per day. If we choose your answer as one of our favorites, you win that day's giveaway! We're talking free shears, shampoos, stylers, nail polishes and more as we celebrate this huge milestone! Each day brings a new post and a new opportunity to win something cool, so make sure you "LIKE" MODERN's Facebook page!

Monday, December 3, 2012, kicked off this celebration with the question: The best hairdressers are the ones who ______...

If we picked your answer as one of the best 10, we're going to direct message you on Facebook to get your address to send you The Verge by ONE Bubble Wand (check those inboxes)! This iron makes it easy to create gorgeous beach waves. Simply wind the hair around the bubble shapes on the barrel and voilà—you’ve perfected the imperfect curl! Ceramic NG (Nano Gold) technology locks in moisture to protect the hair. It heats up to 410â—¦F instantly and the starter clip holds the hair to start the wrap.

The 10 MODERN Facebook fans who will be receiving The Verge by ONE Bubble Wand are below! Congratulations to the winners—keep an eye on those Facebook inboxes!

The best hairdressers are the ones who _____________________________.

1...take the time to teach their clients how to style their hair at home, so they will be salon-styled everyday! —Theresa Hartley

2...continue their education, even after reaching the very top. In this industry once you think you know it all, you might as well quit doing hair. Education and trends are key! —David Rey Castro

3...can connect with their clients and make them feel comfortable and at home. They put their clients and co-workers in front of themselves and treat everyone with the utmost respect. —Chelsea Marie Schroeder

4...wake up everyday not thinking about getting up and going to work as just a job but think of it as creating masterpieces and beautiful art while putting their signature on their work.—Heather Eordanidis

5...above all else make their client shine in a way that they did not see before. Taking the best out of someone and creating a look that makes the client feel fabulous.—Katrina Krueger

6...make you feel like a million bucks every time you leave! Are therapists, miracle workers and confidence boosters all wrapped into one.—Ashley Alewine

7...are genuinely interested in meeting their clients' needs, passionate about what they do, and realistically communicate the options of what can be done. No surprises, unless that's what they ask for.—Joy Joe

8...leave an impression and are unforgettable, because they didn't just give you a new cut or color but gave you a new way to look at yourself and a new way to see the world. —Angelica Moreno

9...love their job not because of the money they earn, but because of the joy in their clients' eyes after they have been transformed and feel beautiful. Just knowing you impacted their self esteem and life makes it all worth it! —Becca Leigh

10...deliver quality over quantity. In one day, I would rather have one client and give her the salon experience of a life time, than have 20 clients and give them mediocre service. The one client will be back again and again, whereas the 20 clients will probably not because they can get mediocre anywhere. If we give clients first-class service instead of coach, we fly higher and higher each time! —Leslie Owens


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