ONES TO WATCH: Trish Dool, Student For LifeTrish Dool has worked as a hair stylist at Eric Fisher Salon for almost twenty years. As Artistic Director of the salon, she is the head of education for their new staff. Along with Fisher, she leads an intensive training program that involves weekly haircutting classes for all new stylists. “Part of Trishʼs job is to determine when our new stylists are prepared to advance from their apprenticeship to working on the salon floor,” says Fisher.

Dool acts as Manager and Team Leader of all of the salonʼs photographic projects.

The salon usually puts out a collection as a team every season. “I really love the creative process of putting together a collection,” says Dool. “Eric and I will come up with a basic concept and then invite the rest of the team to storyboard and fine tune our ideas as a group.” Trish enjoys working on shoots for the salon as well as for her own portfolio. “It is a passion of mine,” she says. “I will always work behind the chair. My clients are my livelihood and I have built some great relationships with them over the years.”

Dool is currently training with Aquage to be part of their creative team. “I draw a lot of inspiration from the Aquage team and Ann Bray. They are without a doubt some of the most talented artists in the industry,” says Dool. “Being around the Aquage team has enabled me to hone my skills as a hairdresser.”

Among Doolʼs personal goals, achieving NAHA is at the top of the list—along with continuing her own education. “Eric has taught me to be a student for life. We can never expect to grow if we close our minds to learning.” She has studied under many industry icons, including Tim Hartley, Vivienne McKinder and Oscar Bond. “It is my goal to become a better hairdresser all the time, to challenge myself creatively, and to make my mark in this fantastic industry.”

ONES TO WATCH: Trish Dool, Student For Life

ONES TO WATCH: Trish Dool, Student For Life

ONES TO WATCH: Trish Dool, Student For Life

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