THE OSCARS: Crimpers Came Close But Not Creative EnoughHaving been very critical about Session Hairdressers/Crimpers in Hollywood for the past award shows, I really wanted to be proven wrong on what Hollywood would come up with on the night for the Oscars.

 I will kick off with what I really enjoyed seeing which was these four gorgeous, sexy-looking women, all so individual, with their short hair:  

CharlizeTheron, Jane Fonda , Halle Berry  and Anne Hathaway.   These ladies looked ravishing in their beautiful gowns and jewels  (from Tiffany and Harry Winston I am sure!)

Well-done, Crimpers in Hollywood, on some nice looking haircuts, all looking so chic. My only gripe was that not one hairdresser had credit, though maybe the magazines will inform the public. Maybe the crimpers do not need the credit, but it is a missed opportunity and a shame not to prime these beautiful women as Charlize, for example, spoke of hair and makeup but no name was dropped.

 THE OSCARS: Crimpers Came Close But Not Creative EnoughLoved seeing Helen Bonham Carter in her extravagant hair, just as you would expect from her, and she carries it off so well. Well done, Crimper!

 Adele, Barbara Streisand and Shirley Bassey, such great voices from these great ladies.  There was Adele looking wonderful in her black glitters with a quick change into a short dress for her role singing her top song from “Skyfall”. Loved her hair (the loose version out of the two ways she wore her hair) and she has a headfulthat she wears so well.  Loose made her look younger than when it is pouffed- up and dressed.  What a lucky lady she is, in the business for a mere few years, and now writing winning songs for her discs and now movies, too. She has the magic to follow Barbara and Shirley in her own inimitable way, with her own ‘handwriting’. How lovely to see and watch her grow; she is so natural and so easy with it.

 THE OSCARS: Crimpers Came Close But Not Creative EnoughFor me, the rest of the crop of beautiful women looked OK; how can you fail in such beautifully designed gowns with sumptuous jewels? The hair did nothing for them or me to comment on, all quite boring!

 I have been moaning for so many months now that the Session Hairdressers in Hollywood need to pull their fingers out and “get creative”as they are slipping backwards! This is not a good sign. 

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