Behind the Cover: March 2013
Behind the Cover: March 2013The Aquage Artistic Team incorporates photoshoots into their academy sessions, major shows, editorial work and competitions. It is part of the culture that VP Creative and co-founder Luis Alvarez has established for the brand, and an important part of how they educate and inspire hairdressers in and out of the Aquage network.

Twice a year, they go above and beyond to create two major hair trend collections— one styling and one cutting/design. In addition to producing images that meet the artistic vision and high hairdressing standards Alvarez sets, the team chronicles the shoot on video, with detailed step-by-step education. The Aquage Artists demo and narrate their work, share practical tips and guide viewers to adapt the featured looks for their own clients.

For the spring/summer 2013 Muse Collection, Alvarez tasked his team to create their most ambitious collection yet: 15 “special” styles that could each be executed in 15 minutes or less, all designed to appeal to a younger client.

“Muse is designed to inspire stylists to see the opportunity in encouraging this target client to come in for a special occasion or party style,” Alvarez says. “To entice them, you have to make them feel comfortable, and give them an updo experience that is faster, easier than they expect, but is still well-crafted and designed. Just an effortless looking, gorgeous style that only their hairdresser can create.”

Eight hairdressers worked on the Muse Collection, and they did the preliminary work on Skype, showing Alvarez first drafts on mannequins. “We tweaked, revised, worked out kinks,” he said. “Not too tricky, I reminded. Not too many elements.”

All the Muse styles have one prominent, classic element or technique that defines it—a knot, braid or fishtail. “Focus on one textural element, then design with simple shapes, proper placement, the right line, balance. Your professional eye and training will help you to create your own Muse design.”

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