We popped into the Pivot Point International Long Hair Design Workshop, where Educators Paul Suttles and Jason Russell taught the class techniques they can easily try with their long-haired clients. Here, Suttles walked us through these three extravagant updos and taught us how you can re-create them on your clients.

UPDO #1: According to Suttles, this one requires an assistant. It's essentially a fishtail braid swept up on top of the head. With distressed hair being a hot trend right now, says Suttles, after creating your fishtail, start pulling out the pieces to create a "distressed" and wider look to the braid. To finish the style, use a finishing spray or pomade to create hold and definition. Suttles says you can choose to slick the sides if you want a contrasting look between the sleek and distressed parts of the style.

UPDO #2: This look takes approximately 20 minutes in the salon to complete. Start with backcombing a ponytail for cushion. Fold the ponytail upward, set with a rubberband across it, then tuck the ends under. The fingerwaves on the side of the head are done with a Marcel curling iron. Simply, create two curls on the base of the head, let them cool, then brush them out until you achieve an "S-pattern." Finally, clip them to the head. TIP: If you are working with a blonde client, use blonde bobby pins for added camouflage.

UPDO #3: Section the hair into two sections leaving out the top as one section. Create a basic fishtail braid starting at the top of the head. With the second section (bottom section) create a ponytail. Take the ponytail and create a large roll. With the top section, fit the fishtail around the roll in your preferred position.

HOW-TO: 3 Easy Updos With Fishtails, Fingerwaves, and Backcombing

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