Anybody can knockout a Mohawk but do you know what to do to “Rock out a Hawk?” David Guerin Global Artistic Director for Oster Professional AKA “The Style Renegade” throws out some quick tips on how to carve out creative graphics.

Try it: Grab your detachable blade clipper. Put on a #2 or a #1.5 blade. Carve out the sides at least to the round of the head. Then continue into the exterior panels in the back. With Oster’s T-Finisher and with the edge of the T-Blade, start to draw in some lines into your canvas (the carved out areas). “You can get as creative as you want with your work when doing this. My biggest tip is, when you start to do the hair-tats, commit to it. Do not second guess yourself. Just go for it,” says Guerin. “You can enhance your design with Grease Pencils, my favorite is Graff Etch. When I want the color to last for several days I use Sharpies.”

HOW-TO: Create Creative Graphics in a Mohawk StyleHOW-TO: Create Creative Graphics in a Mohawk Style

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