Stylespotting: Celeb Looks at Lollapalooza

Where better to spot some fabulous hair and styles than at top-notch music festival in Chicago? Here are a few of the celebrity looks that stood out among the crowds and performers.




Stylespotting: Celeb Looks at Lollapalooza Katie Earl

How could this not result in a double-take? Katie, vocalist for The Mowgli's, was sporting some major head-turning hair, vibrant red with beautifully orange and yellow painted pieces graduated through the ends. If this color doesn't scream "summer fest season," we're not sure what would.

Salon tip: Need more red inspiration? Check out these styles from the Scruples Fire & Ice Collection.


Stylespotting: Celeb Looks at Lollapalooza Emeli Sande

This is what Emeli's hair looked like when she first signed a recording contract. Think radicalizing her style might have helped her make her mark in the music industry? Of her now-signature 'hawk, Emeli says, "I love it because it's powerful. I was really pleased when Madonna told me she liked my music, but she thought my hair was great. That was a pretty good compliment." Usually a crisp platinum blonde, the rising pop star added a hint of green to the tips for her Lollapalooza performance.

Salon tip: Alright, not every client is adventurous enough for a full-on mohawk. How about a faux-hawk for your curly clients? Check this one out.


Stylespotting: Celeb Looks at Lollapalooza Ivy Levan

Speaking of signature hair ... Ivy is another rising pop star with a standout style that managed to stand out even among crowds of 300,000-plus during Lollapalooza weekend. Her nearly-white blonde color paired with impossibly fair skin and a red lip are reminiscent of early Madonna, huh?

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Stylespotting: Celeb Looks at Lollapalooza Lana Del Rey

Lana's (hair) style might not have been the most standout thing about her appearance and performance at the festival, but it was definitely representative of the big trend among the fans this year: accessories! While flower crowns were all the rage on the fest grounds, Lana's dainty white headband complemented her ensemble perfectly (and, not to mention, kept her lengthy waves in place through the evening).

Rewind: Remember when Lana rocked her auburn color? Do you prefer her as a brunette?


Stylespotting: Celeb Looks at Lollapalooza Honorable Mention: Jessie Ware's Bangs

Love Jessie's uneven, graduated fringe -- saw her in person, and they held up well, despite an exhaustive performance in the blazing sun!



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