This brunette beauty look familiar? Lily Collins has been on a neverending press tour this summer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and she's barely recognizable from her breakout role in The Blind Side. The 24-year-old always wows on red carpets and at media appearances, and her majorly throwback '90s styles are making waves with fans.

Is Lily the 2013 queen of 1990s style? Here are a few of her greatest hits from this summer, each in line with upcoming fall hair and beauty trends to be mindful of with clients as we prepare to make another seasonal transition.




4 Hairstyles of the '90s Rocked by Lily Collins The Middle Part

The '90s bowl cut (or "curtain cut") isn't making much of a comeback (sorry, Jonathan Taylor Thomas!), but young stars like Lily, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Chloe Moretz are often seen rocking a classic and relaxed but polished middle part.

Salon tip: Pay careful attention to the face shape of your client with this style, as it can often be more complementary to oval-shaped and elongated faces. Here's a closer look.


4 Hairstyles of the '90s Rocked by Lily Collins Deep Side Part

Speaking of parts -- Lily doesn't discriminate! The '90s "hair flip," or deep side part, is definitely popular with clients with lengthier locks, but, as seen here on Lily, the edgy styling also works wonders for shorter cuts.

Styling tips: This was a majorly popular style on awards show red carpets this past spring and will continue to be for the fall. Check out these tips on finding your client's "best side" for the part and how to recreate ones seen on Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and others.


4 Hairstyles of the '90s Rocked by Lily Collins Uber Sleek

If you're a true child of the '90s, you might confuse this look of Lily's with one rocked by Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions. Heavy brows and a sleek, pinned-back half-updo make for a seriously '90s look, modernized for today's red carpet.

Bonus: Deep red lip!


4 Hairstyles of the '90s Rocked by Lily Collins The Headband

This is what Audrey Hepburn would have looked like if she were transported to the '90s, right? Love the inventive faux bob, love the volume and love the effortless inclusion of the super-trendy thick black headband.

Salon tip: Want to recreate this faux bob with a little less volume for your client, for practical purposes? Check out this how-to of a similar look worn by Isla Fisher.

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