Take Your Photoshoot to the Next Level With a Beauty PhotographerFor MODERN's October Ask the Experts section we asked Nick Berardi, photographer and International Top Stylist with Wella Education, why it's important to hire and work with photographers that are skilled in beauty shots, not just fashion or event photography. See his answer.

“Getting a photographer that knows how to shoot hair and make-up can take your looks to a whole new level,” says Nick Berardi, photographer and International Top Stylist with Wella’s Education. “A photographer that’s skilled in beauty shots generally shoots the model from the waist up for a tighter shot. Beauty shots are about the hair cut and the model—the intention is to light the fabric of the hair. As a hairdresser, always make sure you choose a great model. If you don’t, then make sure you have an exceptional make-up artist. Everything has to be perfect close up because during beauty shoots you are glamorizing the hair and face, which you are turning into a statement.

“A fashion and events photographer is focusing more on the model and the clothes—so their intention is to light the fabric of the clothes. In both situations, the lighting is completely different. A photographer that’s experienced in beauty shots will know how to light the hair, the face and minimize the weak portions of the face. A photographer skilled in fashion and events will be more experienced lighting up the clothing.

“The best way for a hairdresser can show off their work is through a photograph. So many people want to promote themselves, and one of the major ways to do it is through photos. An experienced beauty photographer is crucial, but so is getting a great model and make-up artist, working with someone who knows how to work with beauty lighting and hiring a fun and outgoing team.”

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