Some men aren’t open to beauty services, but every man needs a little tweeze, trim or wax to tame the beast within. Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar NYC offers her pointers on browscaping to get your male clients looking groomed, yet masculine and sexy.

STEP 1: Advise them to not shave between brows— it will leave a 5 o’clock shadow, promote ingrown hairs and hair will grow back looking thicker due to the blunt edges.

STEP 2: Do not start brows too far apart—it can make eyes look too wide set and brows overdone, keep/manage them closer together versus farther apart.

STEP 3: Trim longer hairs, but not too short or a hole can develop.

STEP 4: Tint if the brows are going gray—gray brow hairs are wiry and make men look older.

STEP 5: Do not over shape. Men just need to clean up stragglers for a groomed look, no need to create a boomin’ arch, leave that for the ladies.

5 Tips on Keeping Men's Eye Brows Looking Groomed

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