How To: Backcombing Ombre Technique on Dark HairMODERN Facebook fan Billie Jean Tjogas, a colorist at San Jose, Califonia's Headcase Salon, created this ombre color effect using Joico Verolight lightener. Her client LOVES it!

Here's how she did it:

"I took horizontal partings starting from the nape about 1 1/2 inches thick," she says. "Then, I backcombed at the base to about 3 inches down the hair shaft."

Next, she used Joico's Verolight lightener with 40-volume developer since she had been using black hair color, and then took 2-inch sections painted in a V-shape and saturated the ends. (LEARN MORE ABOUT THE V-SHAPED PARTINGS HERE.)

"I repeated these steps until I finished the whole head," she says. "I left on the lightener until her desired level was reached and then toned with equal parts Joico Chrome color B7 and A7 with activator."

For the second part of this two-step process, she applied lightener to the very tips and toned with Joico Chrome color 9V.


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