HOW-TO: The Tousled "Bungee" BraidThe new JSONG Spring/Summer 2014 collection which premiered on at New York Fashion Week recently, showcased many pretty pieces in white and lilac, ice blue and carnation pink pastels. The easy going styles were embellished with lace embroidery, pleats and light linen textures.

Doreen Guarneri for pure NV BKT complemented the airy wardrobe with hair that flowed effortlessly and contained an element to represent the pleat. Guarneri accomplished this with the bungee braid, a side low pony that is tousled on the ends. This provides structure with a romantic flirty feel, just like the collection. It’s easy to create:

HOW-TO: The Tousled "Bungee" BraidSTEP 1: Wave the hair with a wand half way down the shaft using 2-inch sections. No need for too much curl. Use pure NV BKT Humidity Defense Styling Spray (aerosol) to set the texture as you wand.

STEP 2: Brush through, freeing a wave pattern.

STEP 3: Grab the hair low and slightly to the left back shoulder. Complete a 3 section braid with 1 section that is thinner than the other 2 sections. Braid halfway down.

STEP 4: Hold the thinnest section and “bungee” push upwards the other 2 braids, creating a bungee braid. Use a hair tie and leave ends frayed and “tossed” in appearance by not pulling the hair completely through the tie.

STEP 5: Make sure to leave 2 pieces around the frame of the face loose to create softness around the eyes. Groom with a humidity defense spray and pomade. Complete the look with luster by lightly spraying pure NV BKT Ker-Argan Shine Spray on to hair.

HOW-TO: The Tousled "Bungee" Braid

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