Clients will shine from head to toe with smooth, healthy skin matching the radiance of the season.


Holiday GlowYour skin care clients are always looking for products and services that have value, but at this time of year they don’t have the luxury of experimenting. Stay on top of the formulas you carry so you can recommend exactly the right services and athome maintenance for each client’s skin type.

“During the holidays, clients want quick, easy, results-oriented skin care,” says Pevonia corporate educator Kendall Weatherman. “Everyone is in a rush; no one will settle for a treatment that does not deliver. Clients want to know that the product or service will work and that they won’t have a skin reaction.”

The other thing clients are looking for at this time of year is a little alleviation from holiday stress. Indulge them!

“Many people are off work for the holiday week and really like to pamper themselves,” says Tony Cuccio, CEO of Cuccio Naturale. “We see a lot of requests for upscale services, so design treatments for clients who are willing to spend a little more—this may be the only full week they have off all year.”

Holiday GlowGIFTING

CosmoProf’s skin care brands have clients’ gift needs in mind this season. Create displays that give clients a range of options from mini hand cream stocking stuffers to festively wrapped collections of targeted, problem-solving regimens. Better yet, Weatherman suggests getting a great competitive edge by becoming clients’ skin care concierge.

“Post a sign at the front desk saying, ‘Ask about our personalized holiday shopping services,’” she suggests. “Then invite clients to bring in their gift list, with the relationship and budget range specified for each recipient. You’ll do the rest! This makes your spa the go-to source for holiday gifting. Timeless by Pevonia has six great options with different price points.”

Pharmagel has taken the guesswork out of selecting products that work best together, notes Jennifer Jeziorski, the brand’s director of sales and marketing. For example, clients looking for a gift for a friend with an active lifestyle will thank you for pointing out Pharmagel’s free silver cosmetic bag brimming with specially discounted favorites formulated just for them.

“Gift-with-purchase incentives are a must,” adds Weatherman. “This can be a product included with an introductory facial right on up to a longer, more luxurious treatment paired with our Ageless Beauty Deluxe Retail Set. Set four price points— silver, bronze, gold and platinum.”

Jeziorski recommends encouraging clients to buy gifts for themselves, too. “Clients should not forget about themselves during the stressful holiday season,” she says. “With our gift packages, they’ll feel that they’re receiving a great value.”

"People are willing
to spend more during
holiday week—it may
be the only week all year
that they’re off work."
—Tony Cuccio, Cuccio Naturale

Holiday GlowThe Hair-Free Season

If their men are going to take the trouble to shave (see page 30), women certainly are not going to show up with unwanted hair ruining their own holiday looks. Try: “Would you like me to take care of the little lip fuzz and shape your eyebrows?” Women will be receptive to the question, especially at this time of year.

“A glowing complexion is a must this holiday season!” says GiGi Brand Manager Regina Rodriguez. She recommends using GiGi Pore Refining Facial Wax three days before party time not only to wipe out all unwanted facial hair, but also to fully exfoliate skin build-up and unclog pores of dirt and impurities.

With hemlines about as micro as they’ve ever been, legs are no less critical! To help clients achieve the luminous legs they want, Rodriguez recommends using GiGI Cream immediately following every waxing service.

“Don’t let the cold weather stop clients from showing off their gams!” she says. “Help them feel confident about throwing on that little black dress and sexy strappy stilletos.”

Year ’Round Body Care

You’re likely to hear clients talk about typical New Year’s Resolutions—hitting the gym and, in general, paying more attention to their health. That ties nicely into a year-long skin care regimen.

“This is the time of year that people take stock,” says Pevonia educator Kendall Weatherman. “Skin care is becoming a necessity, not a luxury, especially once the holidays are over.” Prebook current clients, and implement strategies that encourage them to spread the word.

Holiday Glow* Focus on wellness. Develop a wellness menu, and preview the services during the holidays as a new start in the new year.

“A social change is occurring,” says Cuccio Naturale CEO Tony Cuccio. “A lot of younger people are vegetarians; they’re concerned about pesticides and hormones in their food, and they’re ready to embrace total body wellness. A big trend in spa is new services like our DetoXsoak. You can immediately build revenue by developing a combination service of a foot detox with pedicure.”

The wellness trend means clients are increasingly savvy about ingredients.

“Clients look for active ingredients like marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, and they refrain from formulas that can be counterproductive and clog pores,” says Weatherman.

"Don't just let the
client go in the holiday
flurry. Try to make that
client a client for life."
—Kendall Weatherman,

* Promote anti-aging. Suggest that clients pick up any of Pharmagel’s nine limited-time, anti-aging holiday gift sets for their moms and aunts; each gift set could earn you a new client in the new year. And, for clients just beginning to see the first fine lines, now is the time to prebook them for 2014.

“Younger clients are having treatments prophylactically, before the skin begins to deteriorate,” Cuccio observes.

“Prevention is key,” agrees Weatherman. “You can truly change the skin with the right ingredients; you can do great things with collagen and retinol. Also, caviar puts life back into lifeless skin, and that’s in the Pevonia serum.”

* Create scent memories. Display testers so clients can feel and smell a lotion or cream; when they’re at home using the scent they chose, it will bring back that experience. Scents like the jasmine, orchid and violet formulated into the new Body Drench Midnight Bloom Collection will provide a floral sensory connection back to you.

Holiday Glow* Cross-promote. Ask hair stylists in your salon to keep some holiday skin care items at their station, visible to hair clients who may not be aware that skin care services are available.

Holiday Glow“Our holiday promotions make great starter kits for someone looking for a new skin care regimen,” says Jennifer Jeziorski, director of sales and marketing for Pharmagel.

“If you don’t have a treatment room, you can perform a results-oriented facial out in the salon when you have an open chair to introduce clients to facials,” adds Weatherman. “Or offer a complimentary hand treatment to entice clients to try our Age-Defying Collagen Ampoule Treatment.”

Holiday Glow* Follow up. “Mark 21 days out to follow up on how clients are liking any product,” Weatherman advises. “If the client didn’t rebook, call and invite her in. Don’t just let the client go in the holiday flurry. Try to make that client a client for life.”

* Gift certificates. The ever-reliable gift certificate still works to generate January and February business! Set up a gift certificate table or station.

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